Explore Rizal: Hiding in 14 Four Cafe

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I’ve been eyeing this cafe since the beginning of the year because first it’s a hidden gem and second it’s just 5 minutes away from Paul’s house. After months of trying, we’re able to experience this atlast. Bad news is rain come in our way. If you’re thinking why the rain is a bad news, it’s because this cafe is so well know to its open garden place which I wasn’t able to experience. (insert very sad face here). Nevertheless, we enjoy our food, and the cozy room and my company of course. I’ll make sure to come back to show you its whole beauty.

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This is actually my second attempt in 14 Four Cafe. The first one with my girlfriends are epic fail for we didn’t have any reservations and that they can’t accommodate us at all for all their tables are taken. So walk-ins are a no-no. So on my second try with Paul I made sure to reserve thru SMS first.
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On your arrival, you’ll see a table with your name which felt nice. The indoor cafe is not big as the garden so in a rainy afternoon it’s fully booked. What you’ll love about 14 Four Cafe is their furniture worth bringing home.  I didn’t get the chance to talk to the owners or the managers but what I knew is that the owner of this cafe are also furniture makers. I’ll definitely go back here when I got my own place to decor and see our chairs? They are the first ones on the list.
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And don’t let me start with their food. The aligue + tuyo pasta I ordered is one of the best pasta I tasted. Never thought that tuyo and pasta can go well. They are pricey but the foods are worth it. I’ll sure come back for my garden experience though and you’ll see how beautiful this place really is.


14 Four Cafe
open only on weekends
San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal

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