5 reasons why travelling with friends is rewarding

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Many travellers often seek solo experiences nowadays, under the pretence that it’s a more enlightening and eye-opening experience. However, you shouldn’t be ruling out travel with friends – and here’s why.

You’re making new memories with each other

One of the best things about travelling with friends is having the ability to make some incredible shared memories with one another. In the future you’ll be able to reminisce about your trip, reflecting upon just how amazing it was, and it’ll effectively ensure you always have that special moment to come back to. Of course, it’s easy to make the same memories when you’re travelling solo, but there’s something extra special about making those same memories with your closest friends – you’ll be talking about your travelling experience for years to come, no doubt. And, of course, the Instagram opportunities will be unparalleled.

You’ll be brought closer together

Another power travelling has when doing it with friends is the ability to bring you closer together – even if you’re already the best of friends. When you spend so much time close together, experiencing new things and seeing some of the world’s most beautiful offerings, you’ll let down your guard and be much more transparent. Secrets will be shared, stories will be told, and you’ll come out of the trip a much closer-knit group than before. Nothing tests the boundaries of a friendship more than an extended travel stint – and true friends will emerge the other side much closer and stronger than they were previously.

It’s the safer option

Solo travel is rewarding in its own way, but with it comes many more risks – when going it alone, you open yourself up to more vulnerable situations that’ll be avoided when in a group. You’ll be able to advise each other and have each other’s backs, especially when encountering something such as a scam or potential theft. Make sure you’re always looking out for one another, especially in busy areas or in particularly risky circumstances. It’s the benefit of having extra eyes – when you’re solo, you may miss signs of danger which your friends will be able to pick up on. If you’re not the most experienced traveller, going with friends may be the best option.

You’ll push each other to new limits

With that being said, going with friends will also help you overcome fears and hesitations. Whether it be a particular activity or traversing a nerve-racking area – some cities can be unbelievably busy and hectic – your friends will have your back and encourage you to keep going.

It’ll be surprising to discover just how much of a drive your friends give you when travelling. The motivation you receive will be enough to carry you through the trip and achieve things you previously didn’t think were possible. As the Secret Traveller echoes, you’ll be able to put up with much more than you thought – and your friends will make sure of it

.…but you’ll also encourage each other to be sensible

On the other hand, they may also need to hold you back a few times. As previously mentioned, your friends may be more vigilant than you are, effectively protecting you from harm and keeping you out of dangerous situations. But overall, seeing the world with friends is a much safer, enjoyable and enlightening experience that you need to consider.

What other reasons should people consider travelling with friends? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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  • I love travelling with friends. There’s a different kind of feeling you get when you’re just with your friends. You could be more goofy without parents hovering around, and more adventurous without the risk of being lost alone. My friends and I still talk about our past trips ALL the time and are always excited to plan the next one!


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