Bacolod – IloIlo – Guimaras DIY Itinerary and Travel Guide


Are you ready for one B.I.G adventure?

And by BIG, I mean Bacolod, Iloilo and Guimaras. These Visayas provinces are less than one hour away from each other via roro that make it famous for travelers who wants to tick off three provinces in one go. I’ve always been in love with the Visayas island, its beaches, and people that I instantly booked it when I saw a sale on CebPac.

Western Visayas

Bacolod iloilo Guimara map

Bacolod, Iloilo, and Guimaras are part of Region VI or Western Visayas. The same region of the famous Boracay Island. They are relatively near each other that a boat ride from Iloilo to Guimaras only takes 15 minutes and 1.5 hours to Bacolod. Travel doesn’t take too much time making it famous for the travelers who only have limited days.

But despite the close proximity of these provinces, they have different impressions and people that are interesting to see and explore. I once asked our tricycle driver in Bacolod, how could they able to distinguish themselves. He answered me with, “We just know”. In my 4 days stay, I was able to explore a little of the uniqueness of each province which I hope you’ll do too. 🙂


Iloilo City

There are two airports- Iloilo International Airport and Bacolod-Silay Airport – where you can enter and exit. You can choose to only enter and exit into one airport but it is advisable to book your arrival and departure flights at different airports to save time and money on taking the roro again back.

Here’s a tip: If you’re arriving at a weekend, it is better to arrive at Bacolod first because they have better weekend nightlife but if you’re arriving at a weekday, set Iloilo as your entry point so you’ll be able to enjoy church hopping without too much crowd.

We got our airfare from Cebu Pacific Airlines for only P2,200 roundtrip. We enter at Iloilo on a Sunday and exit at Bacolod on Wednesday.

ITINERARY (with budget)


01:30 PM – Arrival at Iloilo International Airport

Iloilo Itinerary

Travel time from Manila to Iloilo is around 1.5 hours. Iloilo International Airpot is small and simple. The airport is 30 minutes drive away from the city.

Tip: Get the earliest flight to maximize your Iloilo City tour.

1:45 PM – Shuttle Van to SM City Iloilo (50 PHP)

Just outside the airport, there are shuttle vans with SM City Iloilo placards that you can ride to reach the city. There are also taxis around but that will cost you hundreds of pesos since the airport is almost 18 km away from the city. From SM Iloilo, we hired a taxi to our inn (3km away) that costs us 100 PHP (20 PHP/pax).

2:30 PM – Urban Inn Check-In (780 PHP / 2 nights)

We got a room for 4 plus extra bed for 3900 PHP for 2 nights from Agoda. The room is dorm-type, clean and has a private bathroom. It is just beside La Paz Market and it is along the main street. Recommended!

3:00 PM – Late Lunch at Netong’s in La Paz Market (100 PHP)

Iloilo Itinerary

First things first, we got to try the original La Paz Batchoy. THIS. MUST. NOT. BE. MISSED.

4:00 PM – Church hopping (Jaro Cathedral & Molo Church)

Iloilo City

Since it’s already late, we can only visit this two famous beautiful churches in the city. We took 2 cab rides (P50) since they are in two different places.

P.S Miagao and San Joaquin Church are almost 2 hours away from the city so we decided to skip those. But if you got the earliest flight, there will be time for you to see these beautiful churches.

5:00 PM – Molo Mansion

Iloilo City

Just across Molo Church is the Molo Mansion. It is an old renovated mansion that is a souvenir shop now. There’s an Iloilo sign and cafe on the side too. There’s nothing much to do here except to take photos.

5:30 PM – Iloilo Esplanade

Iloilo City

From Molo Mansion, we decided to walk to Esplanade since it’s already dusk and to explore the city by foot. Along Iloilo River is a clean boardwalk where locals jog, walk or bond with friends and family. It is basically like a park along the river. There are water activities (like boating), kid’s attraction rides and restaurants along it.

Warning: It is a long walk.

7:30 PM – Dinner at Punot (250 PHP)

There’s not much nightlife on the Boardwalk on a Sunday night so we just decided to rest after.

Shuttle Van to SM Iloilo from airport – 50 PHP
Taxi to Urban Inn from SM – 100 PHP / 5 pax = 20PHP
Urban Inn 2 nights – 780 PHP
Netongs – 100 PHP
Taxi on church hopping – 50 PHP
Dinner – 250
Tricycle to Urban Inn – 20 PHP


We traveled all the way north for Gigantes Island, we availed the joiners day tour of Gigantes Island Tour and Services for 999 PHP per person inclusive of boat transfers, lunch, tour guide and island fees.


4:00 AM – Shuttle van to Carles (250PHP)

Gigantes Island Tour is connected to some shuttle vans that can pick you up at your hotel for the same price of the vans in Tagbak terminal. We bought our breakfast (90 PHP) in 7/11 and endure the 5 hours journey.

9:30 AM – Arrival at Bancal Port, Carles

Gigantes Island

We waited for our day tour boat transfer and other joiners at Gigantes Island Tour waiting area. We were supposed to start the island hopping at 9:30 AM as plan on the itinerary but we already rode the boat at 10:20 AM.

12:00 NN – Cabugao Gamay Island

Iloilo City

Boat ride to our first and yet the famous in the Gigantes Group of Island took more than one hour. Since this is a joiners tour, we are only given 45 minutes to enjoy the island.

1:00 PM – Bantigue Sandbar

The sandbar is not that long when we got there but there’s a gorgeous backdrop of two islands at the end of the sandbar.

1:30 PM – Antonina Island

Gigantes Island

The third island is gorgeous with clear waters and white beach. Some tour groups took their lunch here and I’m envious. We swam for 10 minutes to lessen the summer heat. I also spotted some glamping tents here so I guess you can stay for overnight.

2:00 PM – Late lunch at Norte Gigante Island

Gigantes Island

With Gigantes Island Tours, they have an inclusion of unlimited rice and scallops for lunch. THE BEST. But the island where they served lunch is not as good as the other islands.

3:00 PM – Tangke Lagoon

Gigantes Island, Carles Iloilo

Also photogenic, it is very much like the secret lagoon in El Nido.

4:30 PM – Shower at Bancal Port

There are already no shuttle services in Bancal Port. One good thing about our joiners tour is that they have already reserved a van (200 PHP to Tagbak Terminal) for all their day tour customers who are going back to the city.

10 PM – Back to IloIlo City

From Tagbak Terminal, we rode a jeepney to SM Iloilo City. We bought some pasalubongs in the Original Biscocho House (400 PHP) and ate dinner (100 PHP).

Gigantes Tour Island Day Tour Rate – 999 PHP
Breakfast + water – 90 PHP
Shuttle Van to Carles Port – 250 PHP
Shuttle Van back to the city – 200 PHP
Jeepney ride to SM Iloilo – 9 PHP
Pasalubongs-  400 PHP
Dinner – 100 PHP


7:30 AM – Breakfast at Madge Cafe (150PHP)

Madge Cafe

Also in La Paz Market is Madge Cafe. I’m not a coffee person but Madge Cafe is famous for her good coffee.

8:15 AM – Iloilo Domestic Port

Since I can’t find a site where I can book a roro ticket to Bacolod (280 PHP), we decided to buy first our tickets for the 3:45 PM boat ride. Better be sure than sorry.

8:35 AM – Ortiz Wharf

Guimaras Itinerary

From the domestic port, we rode another taxi (15 PHP) to Ortiz Wharf where you’ll ride a motorized banca (14 PHP) to Guimaras for only 15 minutes.

9:00 AM – Jordan Wharf

As you landed in Guimaras, there are tricycle drivers who you can rent for a day tour. They are friendly and have a fixed rate of 1200 PHP to 1500 PHP depending on the places you want to see. Other rates are: multicab – P2000, jeepney – P2500, van – P3500.

9:15 AM – Smallest Plaza

Guimaras Itinerary

First stop is the smallest plaza who once has earned the title of the smallest plaza in the Guinness Book World of Record.

10:00 AM – Guimaras Windmills

Guimaras Itinerary

10:45 AM – Guimaras Capitol

Guimaras Itinerary

11:00 AM – Mango Plantation

Guimaras Itinerary

11:15 AM – Trappist Monastery

Guimaras Itinerary

Just beside Trappist Monastery is a gift shop where you can buy palubongs which are mostly made of mangoes. (400 PHP)

11:40 AM – Lunch at Pit Stop (120 PHP)

Guimaras Itinerary

Since it is recommended to all tourist to try the mango pizza of Pit Stop, we planned to have our lunch there. This will also be our final stop since we can’t afford to visit the Guisi Lighthouse which is still 1 hour away from Jordan and we have a boat ride to Bacolod by 3:45 PM.

1:45 PM – Go back to Urban Inn for our bags

We checked out already early morning but left our backpacks in the reception as we have our daytour in Guimaras.

3:45 PM – Roro to Bacolod

We paid 30 PHP terminal fee and waited for our roro in the big and clean waiting area of the port. The boat ride is fine and the waves are not that big that we were able to catch up with sleep.

5:30 PM – Touchdown Bacolod

6:00 PM – White Hotel Bacolod Check-in (400 PHP)

Bacolod Itinerary

Just near SM Bacolod and the port, we checked-in to White Hotel Bacolod for 2,000 PHP for 5 people overnight. The room is big for 5 people, has its own bathroom, and good and clean bed.

7:00 PM – The Ruins (100 PHP)

Bacolod Itinerary

Unlike in Iloilo, taxis in Bacolod don’t like to take 5 people and are a little as choosy as Manila taxis. We settled for a big tricycle to bring us to The Ruins for 600 PHP roundtrip. I still think its expensive for an 8km trip. We arrived at The Ruins after 30 minutes and paid the 100 PHP entrance fee.

P.S. Never miss the free tour.

8:45 PM – Aida’s Chicken Inasal (150 PHP)

I only have word – OVERHYPED.

Breakfast – 150 PHP
Taxi to domestic port – 80 PHP / 4 pax = 20 PHP
Roro ticket to Bacolod – 280 PHP
Taxi to Ortiz Wharf – 15 PHP
Guimaras roundtrip banca fare – 28 PHP
Guimaras day tour – 1200 PHP / 4 pax = 300 PHP
Guimaras pasalubong – 400 PHP
Lunch at Pitstop – 120 PHP
Taxi to Urban Inn and domestic port after – 40 PHP
Port Terminal Fee – 30 PHP
Taxi to White Hotel – 100 PHP / 5 pax = 20 PHP
White Hotel Overnight – 400 PHP
Trike to The Ruins (RT) – 600 / 5 pax = 120 PHP
The Ruins entrance fee – 100 PHP
Aida’s Chicken – 150 PHP
Trike back to White Hotel – 15 PHP


** Read my detailed Not-So-Luxurious Day Tour to Lakawon Island Resort and Spa

8:30 AM – White Hotel Bacolod Check Out

8:45 AM – Breakfast at Jollibee (70 PHP)

9:30 AM – Ceres North Terminal (105 PHP)

The terminal is big so be careful on what bus to ride. Look for a bus going to Cadiz City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Martesan Crossing where you’ll take a tricycle (120 PHP) to the Lakawon port.

11:00 AM – Lakawon Port

Lakawon Itinerary

You’ll have to fill up an online application regarding your stay in Lakawon Island. You also have to pay there if you don’t have any online reservation. We only avail the day tour which is 310 PHP and another 250 PHP for their TawHai Floating Bar entrance. The island is in no cash basis so you’ll be given a cash card which you can load for food, activities, and umbrella huts.

1:00 PM – Lakawon Island

Lakawon Itinerary

The island is gorgeous. We settle our bags first on our umbrella hut (600 PHP), ate lunch at their open Sunset Bar and took photos after.

3:00 PM – TawHai Floating Bar

Lakawon Island Itinerary

TawHai Floating Bar is the famous attraction of Lakawon Island. There are inflatables aboard where you can play and jump at your own risk. But if you are more of a laid back there are beach beads around where you can drink your margarita and enjoy the view of the sea.

4:30 PM – Boat ride back to Lakawon Port

There’s a schedule on the boat ride (1 hour interval) so take note of that in case you are catching a flight like us. In the Lakawon Port, there are shuttle vans (based on the availability of passengers) that can bring you back to Bacolod city or Bacolod airport.

7:00 PM – Flight Back to Manila

Breakfast at Jollibee – 70 PHP
Taxi to Ceres Terminal – 100 PHP / 5 pax = 20 PHP
Ceres Bus – 105 PHP
Trike to Lakawon Port – 120 PHP / 5 pax = 24 PHP
Lakawon Day Tour + TawHai – 560 PHP
Umbrella Hut – 600 PHP / 5 pax = 120 PHP
Lunch + Drinks = 350 PHP
Shuttle van to airport – 200 PHP


Airfare (via CebPac) – 2000 PHP
Day 1 (Iloilo City Tour) – 1270 PHP
Day 2 (Gigantes Island Tour)  – 2048 PHP
Day 3 (Guimaras & Bacolod Tour) – 2188 PHP
Day 4 ( Lakawon Island Tour) – 1449 PHP
 TOTAL = 8995 PHP 

Our trip is fast paced and there are a lot of places that we’ve missed to see and experience. I wished I booked 6 days to explore this 3 provinces allotting 2 days to each. If you’re planning to have your B.I.G adventure soon, we can talk in the comment section. 🙂

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  • Hi. I would like to ask some information regarding the Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf Banca Schedule? Does it have one? We will be arriving from Bacolod at around 9AM, and I would like to make sure if there will be a banca that can get us to Jordan Wharf. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Clarielle!

      If you’ll arrive in Bacolod at 9AM, you have to take a roro to Iloilo city. Then from Iloilo City, ride a taxi to Ortiz Wharf. Schedule naman of the bancas from Iloilo to Guimaras is 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM, every 15 minutes ang alis. 🙂 So aabot naman kayo depende sa schedule ng roro na kukunin niyo from Bacolod to Iloilo. 🙂

  • Hi,

    I would like to ask if you pre-booked your day tour in Gigantes Island. Also, what is the earliest schedule of van from tagbak terminal going to carles and how long is the trip? Thanks.

    • yes Anna prebooked siya via Gigantes Island Tours facebook page. 🙂 Not sure with the earliest pero 4AM may available vans na pero naghihintay din ng pasahero and the trip took 5 hours halos. 🙂

  • Daniel Jordan Laguador
    December 28, 2018 5:56 am

    Hi Bea, this blog will help a lot for our 5 days BIG tour this coming feb22-26 2019. Same time iloilo arrival and a group of 5. We have another 1 day, if you have any recommendations that would help our itinerary would much appreciated. I will save this blog for future references. Thanks.

    • Hi Daniel, I advise na you spend another half day to visit Garin Farm and Miagao Church in Iloilo!! 🙂 Or pwede ring Campuestohan sa Bacolod. There’s still a lot to see. 🙂

  • Hello, Bea! Ask ko lang okay din ba entry point Bacolod then exit Iloilo? Thank you 😊

  • Hi I would like to ask if we were group of 8 how much each one of us will be our budget for bacolod guimaras iloilo? By the way we have roundtrip airfare so exclude it. I’m only asking for all expenses. Thanks and God bless. 😊

    • Hi!! It will depend a lot on the accommodation and transportation you’ll avail. I spent almost 7k for only myself DIY for 4 days. It will be a lot more if you’re gonna rent vans and stay into hotels than hostels. 🙂

  • Hi. May i ask if 7yo kid be allowed to go in gigantes island and to other islands as well? Ty

    • Yes po no problem with that as long as may guardian. 🙂

    • Hi,
      I’m planning to do my first ever Solo travel and iloilo-guimaras-bacolod would be the place by September 2019. Is it safe to travel solo based on your experience there?

      • Yes safe siya esp. Iloilo. Bacolod naman is like Manila ng slight pero so far wala naman akong bad experience. okay naman yung mga taxi and trikes. 🙂

  • Hi sis,
    Possible kaya isiksik ko sa day1 un Garin? 4days kasi kami same as yours, pero 6am kami asa Iloilo na..
    Okay ba mag diy day tour lang dun as in hindi mahirap mag tricycle ba?
    Day 2 – Guimaras
    Day 3 Lakawon and Ruins (night) – Ano pala un cutoff time nila dun?
    Day 4 Campuestohan (7pm din flight namin from Bacolod)


    • Mas maganda yung sched niyo. If ganyan din nakuha kong airfare noon, didiretso na rin ako agad ng Garin and Miagao. 🙂 Ruins is until 8PM lang so siguro alis na lang kayo sa Lakawon ng 5PM.

  • Hi Bea. We’ll have our B.I.G.C. (Capiz). Adventure in March 18-24. Roxas City is our last destination as we will be attending a town Fiesta in Guinayangan, Capiz. Do you know how and where we can travel to Capiz from Bacolod or Iloilo? TIA:)

  • Louisianna Paula Eria
    January 23, 2019 8:35 am

    hello, from Guimaras, what port did you go to when going to bacolod?

  • Hi, Bea! Thank you for your iti and travel guide. We’ll tour BIG for 4D/3N as well. I need help po sana with regards to our itinerary. hehe Entry and exit point is Iloilo.

    Day 1: Isla Gigantes (Day tour) (Upon arrival to the city, after ng day tour, may roro pa rin kaya to Bacolod? or much better kung mag check in muna sa Iloilo then tomorrow morning na lang po magtravel to Bacolod?)
    Day2: Bacolod (Ano po mas maganda puntahan Lakawon or Campuestohan?)
    Day3: Iloilo
    Day4: Guimaras (flight po namin back to MNL is around 6pm.)

    Your answers will be great help po samin. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Rian,

      Upon arrival to the city, after ng day tour, may roro pa rin kaya to Bacolod? Last trip ng Montenegro as I remember is 8PM eh. Di ko sure if makabalik kayo ng 8PM from Gigantes ng 8PM
      or much better kung mag check in muna sa Iloilo then tomorrow morning na lang po magtravel to Bacolod? I prefer this. Kasi medyo malaki din yung alon ng gabi ata. Take the 4AM schedule na lang
      Ano po mas maganda puntahan Lakawon or Campuestohan? If you prefer chill lang, sa Lakawon. If you wanted adventure, Campuestohan. We did Lakawon.
      Day 3 & 4 is good to go! 🙂

  • Hi Bea,
    Thank you, this is very helpful for us who loves DIY travels. Keep it up!
    By the way, will have 3 day B.I.G adventure, I have drafted my iti and here it is…
    Day 1: Isla Gigantes
    Day 2 Guimaras & Bacolod
    Day 3: Ilo-Ilo tours
    Since we will compress the Guimaras & Bacolod, do you think that’s the best way to do it? You thoughts and suggestions are highly appreciated.


    • We actually did that on our Day 3 – Guimaras & Bacolod. Pero may mga ginive up kami like yung Guisi Lighthouse since one hr biyahe siya. Advise ko lang is agahan niyo sa Guimaras like 6AM then sa Bacolod na kayo magsleep for the night then catch yung earliest roro toIloilo na lang on you Day 3. 🙂

      • Hi Bea, we’re planning to squeeze the Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo trip into 3 days 9:45pm naman flight going back to mnl from Iloilo Airport, kaya kayang dumaan sa Lakawon Island? Skip na namin ‘yung gigantes island. Thank you! 🙂

        • Hi, yes kayang kaya naman if skip niyo na gigantes pero wag niyo ilagay sa last day yung Lakawon Island sa last day para di kayo nagagahol pa Iloilo. 🙂

  • Hi, Bea
    Thank you po for your itinerary.
    Papatulong din po sana kmi. Ang gusto po sana namin mapuntahan ay Isla de gigantes and Bacolod. However, yung schedule ng flight nmin medyo di maganda ( Depart 1:55PM – Return 5:40AM ) then 2 adults and 1 kid ( 4yrs old ). Kakayanin po kaya ng schedule? What are the best time to travel po since late na dting nmin sa iloilo then maaga ang alis pa MNL nmn po.

    Your response is highly appreciated.

  • Go for Bacolod na lang po Ms. Bea. Kaya po ba ng daytour if possible ang Bacolod then go back to iloilo since early in the morning yung flight namin? Thank you po Ms. Bea.

  • Thank you so much Ms. Bea for the big help.

  • Hi Ate! So yung taxi sa Iloilo as you mentioned is 20php per head? Hindi ba sila yung flag down rate na 40php chuchu?

    • Yep, 40PHP ang flag down rate and our taxi fare usually is around 80-100PHP 🙂 Nakadivide lang for 5 person kaya nagiging 20PHP 🙂

  • Hi Bea,
    My friends and I are scheduled to have our B.I.G. trip this March for 5 days. This post is very helpful since cramming na kami mag plang ng IT since DIY lang kami. So, here’s what we have:
    Day 1 – 6am arrival — initial plan is sa Garin Farm and ung mga simbahan sa South, then pabalik ng Ilo-ilo for City tour.
    Day 2- Day tour sa Isla de Gigantes
    Day 3- Day tour sa Guimaras then diretso Bacolod
    Day 4- Lakawon, day tour
    so we still have a lot of time left for the 4th day and may day 5 pa kami, gabi pa flight namin ng day 5.
    Any suggestions?

  • Alyanna Cinderella Panday
    February 27, 2019 6:08 am

    Hi Bea,
    Thanks for the idea! Any recommendation para sa IT namin kung Bacolod ang arrival namin (July 03 12nn)?

  • Hi ms. Bea,
    I find this blog very helpful, since we’re going to have our ilo-ilo tour this coming march 6-8. 🙂 Originally Bacolod is not included in our IT since 3 days lang yung tour namin, pero nung nabasa ko tong blog mo i found out na kaya pala sya ng day tour, so my plan is isama na din sya sa IT. My question is, where can we buy roro ticket to bacolod? And alam nyo po ba kung what time yung first and last trip? Coz my plan is to go there on our 3rd day (our flight back to manila is 9pm pa naman). Kaya ba sya? Will appreciate your response. Thank you!

  • Alyanna Cinderella Panday
    March 1, 2019 3:48 am

    What if Bacolod ang first day Ms. Bea? Any recommendations para sa IT namin? 5d4n ang tour namin this July. Thank you.

  • Hi Ms. Bea, just want to ask for a suggestion also. Will have a 2day side trip to Iloilo-Guimaras before our flight to Manila – better po ba that we stay overnight at guimaras then half day city tour sa Iloilo?
    Our sched will be below sana
    May 11-12 Lakawon overnight stay
    May 12-afternoon – the ruins and city tour
    May 13 – early travel to Iloilo then Guimaras and stay overnight
    May 14 – early travel to Iloilo (and if kayanin pa pumunta sa Garin farm)
    May 14 8pm our flight back to manila

    Thanks a lot and God bless

    • Hi Ria, I think okay kahit mag overnight kayo sa Guimaras then agahan niyo na lang ng May 14 (like 7am) to Garin Farm. Kakayanin naman one whole day for Iloilo Tour.

  • thank you for this!

  • Chrystlern Bernal
    May 16, 2019 11:18 am

    Hi Bea, you said that there is no shuttle van going back to Iloilo city? so there is no chance na ba to go back to city after the island tour? Thank you for the help

    • There are vans at 4pm pa. If you want to go back to the city then you need to cut your island hopping na at before 3pm. If you’re going with a travel agency, they’ll reserve a van for all those who availed the day tour, just like ours.

  • Hi! Found this really helpful. Thank you. Anyways, we are also planning to take Gigantes Islands Tours for our Gigantes Island tour. Tama ba na they offer vans that will pick you up sa hotel mo going to bancal port once you booked with them? Worried kasi kami na baka walang masakyan going to Tagbak terminal from our hotel ng 4am. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • hi! we’ll be arriving in bacolod ng morning around 5AM possible kaya na from airport straight to ilo-ilo na then guimaras back to bacolod last day ng tour? mnl-bacolod-mnl kasi flight namin 4days-3nights. Thanks for your help! Godbless you!

    • Hi May, yes possible! diretso na lang kayong Bacolod port to ride a roro to Iloilo, alam ko they have a boat ride as early as 5AM. 🙂

  • Gretha Rivera
    June 17, 2019 9:00 am

    Hi po, okay lang po ba kahit hindi na kami lakawon? parang kukulangin po yung time namin. kasi 2pm po ang dating namin sa iloilo. or pwede po kayo magrecommend ng itinerary na budget friendly?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Gretha, if tight budget and oras na then cancel Lakawon. You can actually tweak na lang yung itinerary ko and cancel yung mga sa tingin mong overpriced for you like the pasalubongs and taxi rides.

  • Hello Ms.Bea, very helpful po ang blog nyo as w will use this as reference on our trip this Aug.21-24,2019.
    Our entry and Exit is MNL- ILO -MNL but we want to go to GUIMARAS, ISLA GIGANTES , and specially LAKAWON.
    Arrival – ILO-ILO 10AM Aug21,2019
    DEPARTURE – ILOILO 5pm Aug24,2019

    Day 1- (Aug21) Arrival Ilo-ilo Airport 10am –
    then check in ONGBUN Guest house- proceed with half daytour GUIMARAS (is this possible? 1pm-5pm)

    Day2 – (Aug22) ISLA GIGANTES
    Day3 – (Aug23) travel from Ilo-ilo to Bacolod (LAKAWON) overnight
    Day4 – (Aug24) back to ilo-ilo for the Daytour (5pm flight)

  • Hi Ms. Bea! We are going to take this BIG Trip This November po, Nov. 11-15 siya pero ang arrival namin sa Iloilo is around 3pm then ang flight back to Manila is 5am. can you help me plan for out IT tho dalawa lang kami mag tatravel. i find you blog useful pero cannot maximized it kasi alanganin yung dating and uwi namin. hehe. what can you suggest po? thanks!

    • Then siguro pili na lang kayo if Gigantes or Lakawon ang puntahan niyo since 3 full days lang din talaga kayo. 🙂 one day pero province will be fine.

  • Hi, which fast craft/ferry did you take going to Bacolod?

  • Hi, can you help/give us (my sister) an itinerary for Iloilo, Bacolod, Guimaras trip… we don’t know nothing about these places…our arrival/departure is in Iloilo. Please help us….

  • Hi mam,
    Any suggestion po . Kasi flight po namin is friday night dating nmin sa iloilo is 7pm tas alis nmin sa iloilo pabalik ng manila is monday night 6 pm. gusto namin bacolod-guimaras-iloilo 🙂 thanks in advance

    • Vanissa malinao
      August 19, 2019 7:30 am

      Hi ma’am/sir goodafternoon.
      I would like to ask if u have any suggestion for me coz i’ll be travelling to ilo.ilo for 4 nights and 5 days.
      And i’ll be travelling alone.
      Hope you can suggest me some sites and tour that will help me enjoy my vacation even when im alone.
      Hoping for your immediate response for my flight is on sept. 5,2019 (9:30 am)already.
      Thank you and god bless😊

  • […] I was planning our B.I.G itinerary, I was quite hesitant to include Lakawon Island since I read a lot of not so good reviews about it. […]

  • Hi Bea, thanks for the wonderful insights!
    My friends are planning to have the BIG adventure for 4D 3N. Starting point will be Roxas airport (arriving approx 6AM) to Gigantes. Do you know how to get to Carles faster from Roxas airport?
    Do you recommend staying a night in Gigantes? or rather in Iloilo City? Then from there we will be heading to Guimaras (do you recommend staying a night in Guimaras or Iloilo City?). After Guimaras we will head to Bacolod and stay for a night and the 4th day we will depart Bacolod to Manila in the evening (approx 9pm).

    • Hi Joel!
      Do you know how to get to Carles faster from Roxas airport? No, sorry, I haven’t been to Roxas. I’m sure there are other blogs around.
      Do you recommend staying a night in Gigantes? or rather in Iloilo City? I recommend staying in Iloilo city already especially if you’re going to Guimaras the next day
      Do you recommend staying a night in Guimaras or Iloilo City? Awww this depends. If you love staying by the beach, then stay in Guimaras but if you’re more into city vibes, then Iloilo it is.

  • Hi Ma’am ,

    sample itenerary namn po for our B-I-G Trip, entry point is bacolod,january 29, 2020 (11:00 pm arrival) exit point is ilo-ilo, feb 2, 2020 (7:50 pm departure) , 6 pax

    Thank you so much!

  • Hello Bea, just want to know if there’s a direct roro from Bacolod to Guimaras or need talaga pumunta muna ng Iloilo. Thanks

  • […] READ my Bacolo – Iloilo – Guimaras DIY Itinerary and Travel Guide […]

  • Hi. Your blogs is very helpful, I already follow your fb page. For more tipid travel tips. Just wanna know your opinion. Were having a B.I.G tour with my husband dis coming Feb 16 arrival 1:45pm – feb. 19 departure 2:20pm. Iloilo-Mnl-iloilo .
    Sample ite:
    Day1 – from iloilo to bacolod
    Day2 – sipalay or lakawon ano pong mas best pnthan?
    Day3- gigantes island
    Day4- guimaras halfday tour

    Would like to know your insight . Thank you Ms.Bea

    • Hi Jessica,

      awww thanks!!! Your itinerary looks good na. Nako di rin ako makapili between Perth Resort, Sipalay or Lakawon parehong maganda naman. ang lamang lang naman ni Lakawon is yung floating bar. You can chat me in my FB page in case you still have questions!

  • Hi Ms. Bea, just want to ask for a suggestion also. Were having our BiG TRIP this feb 7 to 10. Entry and exit pt iloilo. On our 1st day. nsa iloilo kmi ng 6am. Den last day feb10 flight is at 7pm po. We want to spend Overnyt in isla gigantes den mag half day ng bacolod and guimaras kaya po kaya? Or any insights on our iti? Thanks in advance
    Day 1 direct from ilo to lakawon halfday. Then sa afternoon after lakawon. City tour naman and ruins. we will spend the night in bacolod
    Day 2. To guimaras check in s hotel to leave our things for our day tour in guimaras. Spend the night in iloilo
    Day 3 to carles for isla gigantes overnyt
    Day 4 after gigantes, halfday tour sa iloilo before goingback to mnl at 7pm flight.
    Big thanks in advance ms bea 😊🙏

    • Hi Cindy,

      Your itinerary looks good pero mej hapit yung day 1 since lakawon is 2 hrs bus ride away pa sa bacolod city. doable naman pero ngaragan siya. 🙂

  • Hello Ms. Bea, can you suggest the best time we can enjoy our BIG + Capiz Tour this coming August. My plan are as follows
    Day 1 arrival in Ilo-ilo, whats best time to maximize our tour?
    Day 2 Gigantes
    Day 3 Bacolod
    Day 4 Guimaras, flight back to mnl is around 9pm
    Can you suggest a more feasible tour or sequence please? Thanks for your help.


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