Batanes DIY itinerary

5 Days in Batanes: DIY Itinerary and Travel Guide

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Hey, you! Not to excite you more but you are heading to the most honest (and beautiful as per me) province in the Philippines.

Whether you’re that traveler who has Batanes as her/his ultimate PH province bucketlist or that curious tag-along traveler who has few idea about it, you have to prepare your heart for you’ll definitely fall in love with this northernmost island. I was never the former because Batanes felt like so quiet and simple for me but when my parents tagged me along last December 2019, my heart and jaw both drop on every places we visit.


The southern tip of Batan Island

We were taught since our elementary days that Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines, already near Taiwan. And because of its geographic location, it is prone to typhoons thus houses here are made of stones and the roofs are made of cogon to withstand even the strongest winds.

But what we were not taught is that this province also has majestic green rolling hills overlooking the vast blue ocean, rugged dramatic cliffs, picturesque lighthouses, and gorgeous beaches. Batanes province actually consists of 10 islands but only 3 are inhabitable – Batan (where Basco is), Sabtang and Itbayat.


There are only 3 airlines that offer direct flights to Basco Airport – Philippines Airlines from Clark; Cebu Pacific and Skyjet, both from Manila. All of the flights of these 3 airlines are only schedule in the morning at 6 AM. Only Philippine Airlines has a second flight at 10:30 AM. Also, all of the airlines use a propeller small plane making it the scariest airplane ride I’ve been so far.

We flew via Philippine Airlines through Clark. My parents got our airfare for 10k PHP which is reasonable on the holiday travel dates (Dec. 29 – Jan. 2). I’ve also read somewhere that airlines rarely put Batanes flights on sale to maintain the tourist limit of the island. So if you got a airfare for less than 5,000 PHP, then lucky you!

Batanes DIY Itinerary (w/ budget)

DAY 1 (North Batan)

6:30 AM – Flight to Basco via Clark

We got the first flight of Philippine Airlines in Clark International Airport and it is not delayed yaaay!!


Basco Airport is just a small airport thus the landing is scarier. And of course, same with their houses, their terminal is made of stone as well. Most of the homestay and hotels offer an airport transfer since the town of Basco is only 5 minutes away from the airport.

9 AM – Check-in in Batanes Seaside Hotel

My parents prefer a hotel than a homestay so I booked Batanes Seaside as per my boyfriend’s recommendation. We paid 22,000 PHP for a family room for 4 nights. This is a nice hotel for those who have some budget for comfortable accommodation.

Upon our arrival, they offered us our breakfast but that means that on your last day, they won’t be serving your breakfast anymore.

12NN – Start of North Batan Tour

I booked a North Batan tour with a local for 500 PHP per person because tours offered in the hotels are a lot expensive. You can reach out to Kuya Drix Ignas or Kuya Jolito Alcantara.

12:15 PM – Basco Sign and Viewdeck

This Welcome to Basco sign is just near our hotel Batanes Seaside. You can see the Basco port, rock formation, and the town of Basco in the viewdeck.

1:00 PM – Mt. Carmel Chapel (Tukon Church)

This is the famous church in Batanes and the only church where non-locals/tourists can get married.

1:30 PM – PAG-ASA Tukon Weather station

Just a few minutes away from Tukon Church is the PAG-ASA Weather Station of Basco. Since the province is prone to typhoons, it has its own weather station with a gorgeous rolling hills view outside.

1:45 PM – Fundacion Pacita

Fundacion Pacita is the most expensive hotel in the island. Well, just imagine staying in a hotel on a top of a hill overlooking Pacific Ocean, it sure is supposed to be expensive. We only by-passed it because the hotel no longer allows tourists on their grounds to respect their guests’ privacy.

2:15 PM – Didawud Idjang

Didawud Idjang is a rock formation that our local told us to be the shelter of the first people then the locals during the war.

2:30 PM – Japanese Tunnel

The Japanese reached Batanes during the World War II and during those times they slaved the Ivatans to dig a tunnel for them to hide. This tunnel is still alive as of today but tourists are not encouraged to enter and explore it because wild animals like snakes might have inhabited deep the tunnel.

3:00 PM – Valugan Boulder Beach

My favorite of all the North Batan spots is the Valugan Boulder Beach. It is called Valugan because it is in the east side of Batan Island and Valugan means “east” in Ivatan.

We spent almost an hour here taking photos, sitting on the boulder to watch the crashing wave of Pacific Ocean and mesmerizing on the long stretch of the big and small stones along the beach.

4:30 PM – Vayang Rolling Hills

In the northernmost part of Batan Island is the Vayang Rolling Hills. It was a gorgeous lush of green pasture where cows and goats are walking and eating freely. I don’t have a photo because it was already raining and we can’t get out of our tricycles.

5:00 PM – Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills

Just near the town is the Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills. You can reach it via walking or renting a bike from town. The Philippine Sea is seen from the hill but if you climb up the lighthouse, you’ll see the whole Basco town and Vayang Rolling Hills. We also borrowed (it is free but donation is welcomed) the Ivatan’s traditional clothes – Vakul for the girls and Kanayi vest for the boys.

6:00 PM – Immaculate Concepcion Church

Immaculate Concepcion Church is the local church of Basco.

6:30 PM – Pizza Dinner at Jino’s Easy

We saw this pizza place in town and spontaneously have dinner here because it is jampacked with locals. The pizza are a little pricey but it is good so I don’t mind.

Clark Terminal fee – 150PHP
Batanes tourism fee – 400 PHP
North Batan Tour – 500PHP
Pizza Dinner – 250PHP


5:45 AM – Pick-up in hotel

We were picked up early because the port to Sabtang is in the town of Ivana, 14 kilometers away from Basco, and the first boat ride is at 7 AM. Again, I booked a Sabtang tour with Kuya Jolito for P1400/person.

Inform your hotel a night before if you’re doing a Sabtang tour so they can prepare your breakfast early.

6:30 AM – Ivana Port

The convenience of booking a local tour is that all of the arrangements are done by your local tour guide. Kuya Jolito just asked us to sit and he did all the talking and registrations.

7:00 AM – Braving the waves to SABTANg

The boat ride to Sabtang take 30 minutes depending on how big the waves are that day. If you’re prone into motion sickness, then this boat ride will be hard for you.

7:30 AM – Arrival to Sabtang

Upon our arrival in Sabtang, Kuya Jolito already arranged 3 tricycles to roam us around. Try to look for the Tricycle #19. It has Toni G. and Coco Martin’s signatures because it is the one used in their movie. I tried.

8:00 AM – Morong Beach & Nakabuang Arch

Morong beach is the famous beach in Sabtang. The sand is white and not fine. But the real head-turner in this beach is the Nakbuang Arch, a unique rock formation that looks like an arch. Tourists are lining up to take photos on it.

9:00 AM – Sleeping Beauty Mountain

Our guide stopped us in a middle of nowhere and asked us to observe a mountain from afar. The sleeping person figure in the mountain is so easy to spot.

9:30 – Chamantad-tinyan Viewpoint

Chamantad-Tinan Viewpoint is the most beautiful, for me, spot in Sabtang because of the mix of the rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, and blue ocean views. We walk all the way to the cliff up to the top of the hill. We spent maybe more than an hour here because it’s so hard to leave.

11:00 AM – chavayan Village

Chavayan Village is a preserved Ivatan village in the Southern part of Sabtang Island. The village has a sea view on one side and a mountain view on the other. Our guides guide us on the famous photo spots and walked us around this little town. This is a residential area so please respect and observe silence in the area.

If you’re staying for a night in Sabtang, there are two homestay available in this village.

11:45 AM – Old Beaterio and St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel

Last stop before lunch is this Old Beaterio where you can have a photo inside a stone house. Just beside it is a small chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas.


The Sabtang tour we availed includes a lunch. The lunch consists of turmeric rice, fried fish, vegetable and the Ivatan meal of “lunis”. I don’t know if it’s unlimited but when we asked for more rice and fish, they refilled our plates.

12:30 PM – Boat Ride back to Ivana

The last boat ride from Sabtang back to Batan island is at 12:30PM thus a Sabtang day tour is actually just a half day tour. And based from my experience, half day is not enough to explore this island. Spend a night in Sabtang! 

6:30 PM – Dinner in Octagon Bed and Breakfast

We spent the whole afternoon chilling and napping. By 6:30 PM, we walked from Batanes Seaside to Octagon for dinner which is recommended by our guides.

Sabtang Day Tour – 1400 PHP
Dinner in Octagon – 300 PHP


9:00 AM – Pick-up in hotel

Again, I, with my sister and cousin, availed a South Batan trike tour with Kuya Drix and Kuya Jolito for 2,000 PHP for 3 person (1,500 PHP for 2 person). My dad, younger brother and uncle wanted to motorbike around so they rented a Mio instead for P1,000/day.

Automatic motorbike Rental Contact Number: 09199939908 / 09163551108

9:30 AM – Chawa Viewdeck

The first stop of our South Batan tour is Chawa Viewdeck, a hundred steps down the cliff to the raging waves of Philippine Sea. It also has an overlooking gorgeous mountains that screams Batanes.

10:15 AM – Town of Mahatao

Mahatao is one of the 6 municipalities of Batanes and the next southern town to Basco. It is a small and simple town with just at least 2,000 population. We bypassed their boat shelter where boats were parked during typhoons and stopped by San Carlos Borromeo Parish, the heart of Mahatao. We were asked to pay P15/person for their tourism fee and told us to write on their Blank Book Archives. These blank books are given by the Spaniards and through the years they let tourists write on one of the almost 700 books for memories safekeeping.

11:00 AM – Tayid Lighthouse

Tayid Lighthouse is my favorite lighthouse among all the 3 lighthouses in Batanes. This one is gorgeous with the blue benches around and majestic view.

11:45 AM – Marlboro Hills (Racuh a Payaman)

The famous rolling hills in the south is the Racuh a Payaman or widely known as Marlboro Hills. The hill is a wide stretch from the top to the cliff with raging winds and cows freely enjoying themselves.

12:45 PM – San Lorenzo Ruiz

We stopped by this gorgeous small church in the middle of the road because the rain started to get heavy.

2:00 PM – Alapad Hills and Rock Formation

You will not miss this rock formation on your South Batan road trip for it sure is an eye-catcher. Alapad has a small hill and a majestic rock formation on its side which are mostly housed by goats. A photo here is more perfect with the Batanes’ famous sign “Blow ur horn”.

2:45 PM – Muchong viewpoint

Comparing to other hills, Muchong Viewpoint is simple but it is the shooting location of DawnChard’s movie Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit.

3:15 PM  – Station of the Cross

We bypassed by the station of the cross of San Antonino Parish in Uyugan, Batanes. During the holy week, most of the Ivatans do their station of the cross walk here.

3:30 PM – Honesty Cafe

And of course this famous store is located in the municipality of Ivana. It is just near Ivana Port, the port going to Sabtang. The first and original store mostly sells foods and drinks but it was already extended at the back to sell souvenirs and clothes. It was nice to be here because this is something that you’ll never experience in Manila.

4:00 PM – House of Dakay

House of Dakay which is also in town of Ivana is the oldest stone house in Batanes. You can go inside (just remove your shoes) and experience what it is like to be in a stone house. It was surprisingly cold inside it.

4:30 PM – Maydangeb White Beach

A white beach in Batanes that locals go to especially during summer. It is usually empty on December to February due to the big waves and ice cold water.

4:45 PM – Homoron Blue Lagoon

Just near the white beach is the Homoron Blue Lagoon. We only stopped by to take some photos because the stairs leading down is close due to the big and strong waves.

5:15 PM – Paulvana’s

Paulvana is the famous lunch place for tourist groups doing the South Batan Tour. It is located in the municipality of Mahatao and it is a set meal that costs P300/head (fixed). The food is good though.

South Batan Tour for 3pax – P2000/3 = 667 PHP
Mahatao tourism fee – 15 PHP
Paulvana’s food – 300 PHP
Honesty Store Souvenirs – 150 PHP


7 am – Fountain of Youth

From Kuya Drix Ignas

Also known as the Rakuh-a-idi Spring, fountain of youth is a man made springwith the view of a rock formation and Pacific ocean in Uyugan Batanes. This place is usually famous to the young people because the trek leading here is a little hard for the seniors.

10:30 AM – Diura Fishing Village

Just near the fountain of youth is the diura fishing village which you can drop by to explore. It is famous for the number of fishing boats parked in the sands.

12:00 NN – LUNCH at Cafe du Tukon

Since tourist are already not allowed to enter Fundacion Pacita, you can still eat at their Cafe du Tukon. Foods are pricier here and you need to have a reservation beforehand. I asked help from our hotel’s receptionist in reserving tables here. (Contact #0998 972 0028)

2:00 PM – Free Time in Basco town

Go back to the hotel and take a nap. At the afternoon, you can walk or rent a bike to explore more of the town of Basco, which is small you can finish at less than an hour.

6:00 PM – Dinner at Beehan

7:30 PM – Astrophotography in Basco Lighthouse

Booking tours with Kuya Jolito gives you a free astrophotography in Basco Lighthouse!! Sulit? Yes very sulit, wag lang umulan!

Tricycle Rental – 750 PHP
Fountain of Youth Entrance – 150 PHP
Lunch – 500 PHP
Dinner – 200 PHP
Meryenda + Tshirt Souvenirs – 400 PHP


11 AM – Flight back to Manila

We had the last flight back to Manila at 11:30 AM. The airport transfer only took us less than 5 minutes and maybe around 10 minutes for the airport check-in process. It was a small gate but amazing interior. Bye, Batanes! I’ll come back for you.


Airfare – 10,500 PHP
Batanes Seaside Hotel – P22,000/5 = 4,400 PHP
Day 1 (North Batan) – 1,300 PHP
Day 2 (Sabtang) – 1,700 PHP
Day 3 (South Batan) – 1,132 PHP
Day 4 (Free Day) – 2,000 PHP

Batanes is the right place for people who wanted to take a break from the city and rush life. The time feels so slow and internet is almost non-existent which are actually better for your travel here. Goods, foods and airfare might not be as cheap as in other provinces but when you got to see and experience Batanes, you’ll understand that it is a money worth paying for.

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