New Year in Dubai

beadegee ootd

Is it just me or 2015 is gone by fast? Cheers to all the countries we conquered, adventures done, old friends who stick and new friends we welcomed to our life, career that we all worked hard for, blessings we had, places we’ve discovered, foods we’ve tasted, and to the ever constant Father above.

I actually never thought that 2015 will come fast to the point I’m left searching where it went. I thought 2015 will be long and challenging for I have to adjust from a carefree student into a independent corporate adult. But so far, I’m enjoying adulthood along with it’s freedom, adventures and moolah (this of course!).

beadegee ootd

This 2016, I want to make it more awesome with my goals on mind. I never been a fan of resolutions so if you have #2016Goals too, let’s share notes.

  • Do you find yourself in front of your phone for almost 2 hours just scrolling and switching in different apps? I do! So I decided to just use my phone for checking my messages in the morning and to be online only when I have spare time like stuck on long lines & traffic. I need to devote more time in the real world than in the online world.
  • Avoid being late. As you grow older, you realized how you can’t fit everything you want to do in the 24 hours. So if you’re meeting someone please always remember to respect their time.
  • Sleeping early (11PM) and waking up early (6AM to 7AM). I believe it’s time to take care of my body by fixing my body clock.
  • And speaking of taking care of my body, I’m also focused on making it strong. I need to bring back my 25 or 26 waistline and develop a stronger arms so I can do my headstand. It is true when they say that your metabolism slows as you grow old.
  • Nadine Lustre’s travel video with James Reid inspired me not to just capture moments but start recording my memories too (and learn basic videography).
  • And of course, travel and explore more new place. I’m targeting to go on places out of my comfort zone like mountains and falls. Be more spontaneous. And to be able to get a visa with my own savings.

beadegee ootd

I wish you all a more successful, happier and more awesome 2016! So far, I didn’t plan so much for my 2016. I still love to be surprised how this year will turn out. Let’s share more memories this year, can we?

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P.S my photo above is from my holiday vacay in Dubai that I can’t wait to share to all of you. ?

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