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Little Red Riding Hood

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beadeegee ootd

One thing I love about travelling abroad is that I can wear a coat without anyone judging me. I’m a coat-loving girl trapped in a tropical country sucks right? So this trip to Korea is another excuse to buy another one. I bought a red one for I want to stand out among the trees like red riding hood, well minus the hood. Yes, I’m thinking of Nami Island when I purchased it. And maybe also just for the reason that my favorite color is red. It’s so thick that I don’t feel cold at all. Talk about comfort and style which is my fashion statement.

beadeegee ootd
beadeegee ootd

But I didn’t get to have an ootd shot in Nami Island because the people are crazy! So here I’am mimicking Song-yi from My Love from Another Star and failing miserably.

Just found my coat haven in PH. Go try visit Eastcoats.

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I love your coat. I can relate to you. The last coat that I purchased was when I was in NYC. I felt great being able to wear a coat and just felt fabulous. Haha! I have not used it lately because I am here in the Philippines. It is always sunny here.


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