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First Fine Dining Experince in Bayleaf

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Since we are one of the typical couples in the world, we celebrated our anniversary in a fine dining restaurant. And I wanted it to be overlooking where we will be surrounded by city lights. We settled for Sky Deck, Bayleaf Hotel in Manila. Oh well, we met and fell in love in this city so why not celebrate here?

1st Anniversary

1st Anniversary


I was really eyeing 71 Gramercy but when I made a reservation, they said that there’s an ongoing renovation. I’ve encountered others but its either they’re way too expensive or way too much bar aura than romantic. At first, I’m doubtful to Bayleaf but since I’ve never been to Intramuros, I made a reservation.

I just made a reservation for 2 in their facebook page, requested for a corner table and definite time. They are responsive and very accommodating. We were 30 minutes early and they accepted us with our promised corner table. The food is good and affordable, can’t believe we just spent P1000 for both of us. I should have not doubted this place in the first place!

1st Anniversary


I’ve been to a fine dining restaurant before but it’s my first time to have it romantically. It felt surreal, with the Christmas lights, live band and romantic aura, that I felt shy with the situation (Weird, right?). But Paul knows how to make me laugh and comfortable so I learned to ease up and enjoy the beautiful view that I never imagined with the chaotic Manila I knew.

1st Anniversary

Through the night, we talked about things and secrets that were never opened up before. I asked him if he ever felt so tired of my dramas and pushing away before. He answered me with no, “na kahit sinasabi nila na itigil na kasi magulo na or kahit kontrabida na ako, wala eh di kaya.” And I returned with, “Tinamaan ka sa akin talaga eh no?” And he smiled with his yes. I know he did, I just wanted to hear it. Yeah, very girly of me.

1st Anniversary

1st Anniversary

When the food arrived and automatically I gave thanks. But this night is different for you pray with me, leading and loud, thanking God for the wonderful year and blessings He has given us. You don’t care that we are in a public place or that the couple in the next table is looking at us. So I say my prayer too, thanking God for He always give me more reasons to love you.

It was one of the nights that I wished time stopped. I don’t mind to be just sitting in the rooftop, wind blowing our hairs, the city lights background and live band singing for us. I felt contentment followed by excitement for the future we can talk for hours. Happy Anniversary, my love. To many more.

P.S I need to buy a camera already! :'(

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