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Don’t ever leave, Honey Creme

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I’ve seen Honey Creme in Singapore and Hong Kong before but I’m more of a street-food-kinda girl when I travel so I only got to try it here and thank God IT IS HERE in the Philippines.

Honey Cream Ice Cream

These soft serve ice creams are pricey, ranging from 160+ but really worth it. I doubted my caramel popcorn first for I hate super sweet desserts but trust me that it’s not super sweet at all. The popcorn tasted like the one in Chef Tony’s (gaanong level haha) and the ice cream is milky and in right sweetness. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but Paul finishes his in less than 10 minutes(?) without complains so I’m concluding that it’s good too. P.S Don’t let it melt. So maybe no long stories with good climax muna! Learned my lesson.

I’m turning into voucher queen these day, purchasing a lot from Metrodeal and Deal Grocer including this 300 pesos GC to Honey Creme for only 180 pesos.

Honey Cream Ice Cream

Honey Cream Ice Cream

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