How To Keep A Strong Relationship While Travelling

There’s an adage that states that if you want to get to know a person, you should travel with them. This saying is particularly true for your significant other. Sure, you may have lived with them for years now, and you think you know all of their quirks, but opening yourselves up to new experiences can bring about rich insights on each other’s personality and preferences.

Once you’re both out of your comfort zone, you can see another side of your partner. Are they curious and adventurous? Do they marvel at the geographical and cultural wonders in this foreign country? It is during these breaks in the routine that you get a glimpse of their other persona and achieve a more holistic view of their character.

There’s a risk, though, that your relationship may be strained once you’ve subjected yourselves to stressful times in a new country. To avoid this unfortunate situation, here are some tips to help you stay strong together while travelling:

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Talk Openly and Honestly

Communication is of utmost importance in any relationship, especially if you’re living and travelling together. Don’t assume that your significant other can read your mind. You may have known each other for decades, and they know you inside and out, but it’s unreasonable for you to expect that they are always attuned to your needs when you don’t speak up about it.

Talking and listening to each other is essential when you’re going to a new place, from planning to the actual vacation. Both of you have to agree on the itinerary and other aspects such as the accommodation and tourist spots you’ll be visiting to avoid conflict as much as possible before and during the trip.

If you feel as if you both still need to improve on your communication with each other, there’s no shame in asking for professional help. Psychologists Southern Sydney offers relationship and marriage counseling to equip couples with the tools they need to boost positivity and resolve their differences.

Be Grateful for Their Strengths

You’re with your partner because you admire them, and they supplement the traits that you still haven’t mastered yet. During travel, you’ll see more of their strengths. They may be better at navigating through the city or town you’re in, so don’t be afraid to compliment them and thank them for remembering the way back to your hotel.

Accept Their Weaknesses

Meanwhile, travelling together may also make annoying habits more noticeable such as taking too long to get ready and not sticking to your pre-planned schedule. While you can talk to them about the particular trait that’s bugging you, it’s crucial that you understand your motives first and pinpoint the root cause of your irritation.

If you find that it isn’t born out of a desire for your significant other to be better or if their weakness doesn’t affect other aspects of your trip in any way, then the talk can wait until you get home. Remind yourself that they may also have issues with some of your exasperating habits but choose to let it slide.

Remember, You’re on the Same Team

Stressful situations can bring out the worst in people. However, you should always remember that you and your significant other are partners in this. You aren’t on opposing sides, so work together to overcome issues and emergencies that may arise during your trip.

It’s easy to get distracted and place the blame for any mishap on your partner. But that won’t solve the problem—it’ll only make matters worse. Instead, focus your energy into looking for solutions to whatever predicament you both find yourselves in.

Schedule a Day for Separate Excursions

While you may be travelling together, you won’t be breaking any rules if you agree on going your separate ways temporarily. Sure, you may have cultivated the same interests over the time you’ve been together, but you also have individual preferences and places you want to go to.

Pencil into your itinerary at least a day of going out and exploring the city on your own. This way, there won’t be any regrets on wasted chances to buy locally-made products or eating street food in Osaka, Japan.

Travelling involves new experiences and, along with it, stressful situations that can test your relationship. Overcome issues that you encounter on your trip by fostering open and honest communication with your significant other, as well as focusing on their strengths while accepting their weaknesses. Moreover, it may be healthy to spend a day or two exploring the place on your own and share the things you learned with your partner when you regroup.

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