How To Make The Most Of Your First Trip In Japan

Among all the countries in the world, Japan is one of the most magical and celestial places where you can really feel like you are in an out-of-the-world destination. Life in Japan is undeniably interesting and unique, that at some point in your journey, you’ll find your heart attached to every eye-catching corner around the country.

From Cherry Blossoms to eating at robot restaurants, you’ll see how Japan’s authenticity. If you desire to make the most of your first trip to this country, then take note of these memorable activities that’ll surely stick to your mind even long after you say goodbye.

ichiran ramen in tokyo diy itinerary

  • Try Japanese Cuisine

Since Japan has a great sense of culture, which you can immediately sense once you step into the country, trying their cuisine would be the best idea. From simple convenience stores to the best sushi restaurants, you can already see the uniqueness of their cuisine.

The traditional Japanese menu involves rice with other side dishes that focus on seasonal ingredients. Typically, the dishes are vegetables cooked in broth, fish, grilled seafood, and sushi.

Note that Japanese restaurants have long queues, hence ensure to have reservations beforehand so you won’t have to wait for an hour or more.

a man posing in front of entrance and pagoda in sensoji temple

  • Learn Their Culture

One thing you could really acquire and carry throughout your lifetime is taking hold and understanding one’s culture, regardless of the country. In this case, Japanese Culture is so rich that, sometimes, you can’t help but have a culture shock, especially when you take a peek at their traditions and history.

If you want to have in-depth knowledge about their culture, one of the ways to easily learn it is to start a Japanese beginner course. When you start a Japanese course, you won’t only learn the language, but you also get to learn their customs and traditions. 

This way, you could make the most out of your first trip not just by enjoying but also by learning. This will open up broader perspectives on Japanese and Asian values and beliefs that’ll help you perceive life in a positively different way.

a river boat ride in japan is a perfect activity for your first trip in japan

  • Travel Beyond Tokyo

Tokyo is the Capital of Japan, so it’s expected that all the bright and vibrant places can be found primarily in this area. However, there are other big cities that give a refreshing and enjoyable vibe, like Kyoto and Osaka

Since many locals and tourists flock to Tokyo, it would be nice to drift away from the crowd and enjoy the ambiance of other destinations. After all, you won’t regret traveling beyond Tokyo because everything in Japan is beautiful.

Tokyo as seen in Odaiba. You can see the olympic logo, rainbow bridge and tokyo tower.

  • Stroll At Night

Although traveling at night is kind of scary, especially if it’s your first time strolling in a foreign country, but nightlife in Japan is definitely astounding. Part of the Japanese culture is late-night entertainment, so there are a lot of places to go and experience life. If you aren’t familiar with the area, bringing a map with you would help.

Furthermore, there are restaurants that offer dining and drinking. If you want, you can also go clubbing, see live shows, or just simply sit down and gaze at the nostalgic city view from a skyscraper. It’s also recommended to go for a karaoke night. Go to Shinjuku District and see what those vocal cords can do.

  • Stay At Ryokan

To really feel the Japanese vibe, it’s a must to stay at Ryokan. This place offers an exclusive cultural experience that can only be experienced in Japan. For some, Ryokan is a place that people visit just to relax and take a rest. But there’s more to this place. 

While it gives you a relaxing vibe, it also introduces you to the traditional way of life of Japanese. This place has beautiful gardens, traditional baths, offers authentic Japanese cuisine, and assures you of the early 1600s to the late 1800’s feeling. You also get to wear a kimono.

Final Thoughts

Most people usually don’t have the convenience to travel and go to beautiful destinations. If you do have the opportunity, you have to make the most out of it. This can be done by careful planning. Visiting Japan is an unforgettable journey since it introduces you to new places, customs, and experiences that are truly worth experiencing.

You travel because you want to see what the world could offer, and Japan has more than what’s expected. So, pack your things, get your passport, and prepare yourself because you’re about to experience the best trip you could ever have in your life.

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