9 Places To See During Your Travel From Norwich To Edinburgh

When traveling to a faraway place, most people would want to make the most out of their trip. They do road trips, island hopping, and food crawls–just any possible adventure they can take on. When traveling from the busy city of Norwich to the scenic paradise that is Edinburgh, you and your companions will pass through numerous towns that have majestic tourist spots you can visit and experience.

In 2018, about 37.9 million tourists visited the United Kingdom, which could only mean that it’s a country that has excellent attractions for all kinds of travelers. Norwich boasts tours that are rich in history, while Edinburgh has iconic castles and festivals that are out of this world.

You can travel from Norwich to Edinburgh through a car, which would allow you to stop by towns that are worth looking into. Also, you can opt to ride a train or catch a flight if you want. You may visit Loganair for affordable flights from Norwich to Edinburgh, especially if you’re on a budget.

To help you finalize your itinerary, here is a list of nine places to see during your travel from Norwich to Edinburgh:

Norwich Castle Museum & Art

Norwich to Edinburgh

24 Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 3JU,
United Kingdom

If you want to start your tour with the most famous landmark in Norwich, this is the place to be. The Norwich Castle Museum & Art is home to art pieces that reflect great cultures and significant events in history. Also, its grandiose facade and intricate architectural details aren’t too shabby.

BeWILDerwood Norfolk

Horning Rd, Hoveton,
Norwich NR12 8JW,
United Kingdom
This haven is perfect if you’ll be bringing kids with you and if your goal is to have an awesome bonding time with your family. BeWILDerwood Norfolk is an adventure park that has mazes and treehouses that will surely captivate the curiosity of little children and even yours!

National Railway Museum

Leeman Rd, York YO26 4XJ,
United Kingdom
Whether or not you are a fan of trains, the National Railway Museum can be a fun place to visit for you and your family once you reach York. Here, you get to witness an enormous collection of trains, as well as learn how these locomotives shaped and influenced their country.

York Minster

Deangate, York YO1 7HH,
United Kingdom
As one of the largest churches in Northern Europe, York Minster is popular among locals and tourists. With its Gothic architecture, you will leave the place in awe of its majestic beauty.

York’s Chocolate Story

3-4 Kings Square, York YO1 7LD,
United Kingdom
Aside from its mouthwatering taste, chocolate can also be an exciting and entertaining topic to talk about. Thankfully, you can learn about its history at York’s Chocolate Story. This museum is also interactive and great for people of all ages. At the end of the tour, you can even taste some of the most scrumptious chocolates you will ever experience right in their café.

Durham Cathedral

Durham DH1 3EH,
United Kingdom
Also known as the Church of Christ, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Cuthbert of Durham, Durham Cathedral is popular among more spiritual tourists as it is home to an array of breathtaking religious relics. It also has a grand architecture that you and your companions will truly appreciate. You can add this to your itinerary if you love art, religion, and history.

Hall Hill Farm

Lanchester, Durham DH7 0TA,
United Kingdom
If you want to experience farm life, you should visit Hall Hill Farm. This palace lets guests pet and feed animals. like pigs, goats, sheep, and cattle, and ride donkeys and horses. This is an excellent stop if you want something different from the historic landmarks you have visited.

Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh EH8 8AZ,
United Kingdom
Do you love the outdoors and all the scenic views they have to offer whenever you travel? Arthur’s Seat is one of the best places you can visit while in Edinburgh as it is an extinct volcano. What’s more, you can hike up to its peak! It is one of the most visited spots in Edinburgh, and it lets you see a panoramic view of the city, which is one for the books.

Royal Yacht Britannia

Ocean Dr, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ,
United Kingdom
Explore the history and life of the royals as you step into the Royal Yacht Britannia. It is the previous royal yacht of Queen Elizabeth II, and which is still in pristine condition. Guests can tour the whole place from the deck to its engine rooms. How cool is that?


These are just a few of the numerous tourist attractions you can visit during your travel from Norwich to Edinburgh. Because these parts of the world are some of the more popular ones, meaning tourists flock here every single day, it is best to plan ahead and make reservations so that you can have a smooth and fun experience while traversing these places.

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