The Best Attractions In Sri Lanka To Visit When Traveling

When you’re too stressed at work or home, traveling can be your temporary break. Everything you’ll see and experience when you get to travel can refresh your mind and body. It’ll help you bring back the vigor you once had so you can meet responsibilities again. But when you’re traveling, you have to be careful where you’re actually going. Traveling to a country which doesn’t give you what you need can ruin the entire travel experience. Instead of being energized after traveling, you’ll only feel stressed. When looking for a country diverse enough to suit your varied interests, Sri Lanka should be on top of your list. This country offers a lot of activities and attractions perfect for every tourist!

Sri Lanka is a country where you can experience different cuisines, wildlife, nature, and culture – and that’s not even the best part. Sri Lanka is an affordable country which makes this a perfect travel destination for tourists who are on a budget! For you to have the best Sri Lanka experience when traveling, make sure to visit these attractions:

Climb Sigiriya

If you always loved trekking, start your Sri Lanka trip by climbing Sigiriya. This is the Eighth Wonder of the World, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a rock-top fortress which existed as early as the 3rd century BC and has been a royal palace and monastery. You can also see a mirror wall in the area which was used by the king during earlier times. Climbing Sigiriya means seeing Sri Lanka at another angle, making your travel unique and memorable. For a better experience, visit the area during sunset or sunrise – the views will be majestic during these times!

Discover Arugam Bay

Beaches are a staple go-to for every traveler – and Sri Lanka’s beaches don’t disappoint. In Arugam Bay, you can feel soft sugar sands on your feet, shades of coconut palms in your face and hear many surfers riding the waves. Depending on the month you’ll visit the bay, it can either become a surfer’s paradise or a traveler’s solitude.

Eat Seafood

Eating a new cuisine will always be a requirement when traveling. When you’re in Sri Lanka, be prepared to taste the freshest seafood. Some of Sri Lanka’s best dishes are Jaffna Crab Curry, and Squid Curry so make sure you’ll try these out! If you’re ready for more, go ahead and order other dishes as Sri Lanka can offer you variety and options.

Have tea in Nurweya Eliya

You can now purchase different kinds of tea from groceries and restaurants. And while these tastes good, nothing still compares to the original tea – and Sri Lanka can prove that. In the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea industry, you’ll be able to see watch pickers working in tea estates. You can even bring home some samples! If you want to take it up a notch, visit the Hill Country’s Haputale Mountains. This is where Sir Thomas Lipton started the entire tea business and launched a tea empire. You’ll be learning a lot about teas in this area.

Walk with Elephants

Seeing elephants walking on the streets of Sri Lanka is a common scenario. You’ll basically have firsthand encounters with these glorious mammals! But if you want to see more than a handful of elephants, visit the Uda Walawe National Park. This park has become a habitat to more than 500 pachyderms. The park also has vast grasslands, jungles, and forests. While you’re in Uda Walawe National Park, have your binoculars ready as this is one of the best spots in the country to go bird watching, too.

Spot Leopards in Yala

Leopards are considered as Sri Lanka’s top predator. Many species of leopards can be seen in different places all over the country. But these beautiful creatures are easily seen in Yala National Park. This park is the country’s top leopard sanctuary where you’ll be able to find leopards in every kilometer. Leopards here are living in territories and are free to do whatever they want. You can see how leopards live, clear out bushes and make its way through trees in this park.

Discover the untouched island

Living in a busy city might be beneficial but getting off the beaten track once in a while is also an excellent option. And Sri Lanka allows you to do just that. In its northernmost tip, you’ll find an island called Neduntivu where only 3,819 people live. Once you’re in Neduntivu, don’t expect luxury as there are no hotels or fancy restaurants. You’ll have to ask locals to have you rent a room and eat fish all day long. The lifestyle on the island is slow and relaxed, but the locals are very friendly.

Preparation Is Key

Traveling to a new country is indeed exciting, but there are many ways on how you can make it even better. Instead of going to Sri Lanka and just go with the flow, prepare for your trip. Know where you’re going, how long you will be staying in a particular spot and if there are any fees to be paid. This information will help you come up with a budget appropriate for your Sri Lanka trip. You’ll also manage your time well once you know your itinerary. And if you’re looking for attractions on what to do in Sri Lanka, use this article as your guide.

Jared is a solo traveler who enjoys traveling around the world. His latest adventure was to the beautiful world of Sri Lanka and China. He currently writes for sites like and enjoys seeing the wonders of the world and the beauty it has to offer.

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