Travel Injury 101: What to Consider If You’ve Been Injured Abroad

Nowadays, people are traveling more, especially the millennials who travel out of the country up to four times annually. One of the most common reasons for travel is to relieve stress from work or from the mundane nature of life itself. It has been proven that traveling isn’t just a form of luxury for those who can afford it… people love traveling because unconsciously, it makes you healthier!

However, what if while you’re enjoying the warm rays of the sun in Thailand, you’re suddenly involved in an accident that leads to injuries. What should you be concerned about next?

Is there anyone who can accompany you or help you?

There’s a great reason why the buddy system is always encouraged in the face of danger. Humans are meant to live with companions and it is safer to travel abroad when someone else is with you so you can watch out for each other’s health and safety. If you have been badly injured, having a companion who can take care of legal matters will be of great help. When you’re admitted to a hospital, it is difficult to be both the patient and the person who has to talk to the doctors, pay the bills, and take care of the telephone calls to the friends and family in your home country. By having a friend with you, the stress and hassle of the details that follow an injury will be reduced, allowing you to stress out less and heal more.

Are you covered by your insurance?

Some types of insurance do not cover injuries that you have obtained outside of your home country. Therefore, before you sign up to for an insurance policy, it is best to know about their terms and your options should anything happen to you while you travel abroad. Some insurance policies or companies will make an exception and pay for customary and reasonable costs of the medical bills. However, they will not cover for medical evacuation, for instance, for your transfer from the foreign country back to your home country.

Travel insurance vs. travel medical insurance

Your travel insurance will generally not cover your medical expenses, as it is only meant to ensure your financial investment in the trip. It can only cover the circumstances that one typically experiences while traveling, such as canceled flights and lost items of baggage.

On the other hand, travel medical insurance is the insurance you need to acquire when going abroad in order to be insured should an accident happen to you that results in injuries and other health problems. This insurance can be categorized into two types:

  • Travel Medical & Evacuation – covers medical bills and payments involved when you need to be sent back to your home country for further treatment.
  • Flight Insurance – covers accidental death and risks of dismemberment while you are traveling on the plane.

While you may mean well by only wanting to take a break and have a fun vacation away from the hustle and the bustle of your mundane life, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is for the best that before you consider traveling abroad, you have contingency plans in place exclusively for emergencies. Remember that a perfect travel experience is made better with meticulous preparation.

Sustaining something like a spinal cord injury abroad can be a terrifying experience. While you may not know where to start when it comes to suffering injuries abroad, you can click here to seek legal help so you’ll be more aware of the legal implications of getting injured internationally.

Laura Billings

Laura Billings is a law enthusiast and budding writer. She makes it a habit of making sure her pieces are informative enough to help even the common person understand important aspects of the rules of law. Laura likes to read books and write creative pieces during her free time.

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