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My Last Minute Travel Shopping with BeautyMNL

If you’re following me on Instagram (@beadeegee), you knew that I just went to Bangkok last week. (If you’re not, then go follow me #char) All hands-on travelers know how busy the week before the flight can be – itineraries, job handovers, ootd planning, travel shopping and packing. So, BeautyMNL arrived like a fairy godmother helping me from my last minute travel essentials shopping and saving me from the mall’s Christmas rush.


BEAUTYMNL is not just for beauty junkies!

I’ve heard about BeautyMNL before but never got the chance to try it because I thought it’s more for beauty junkie type of girls. Turns out, it’s not. This shopping website has everything for the make up lovers to the adventurous spirits to the simple girls. So when I received an e-mail from them that they’re looking for travel girls to try their website, who am I to say no? Especially if you’re 3 days away from your next travel adventure!


Online Shopping Experience

BeautyMNL’s website is user-friendly, organized and very easy to navigate. I’m sure my mom can even shop here given her non-techy self. So first thing I did was sign up for an account since I think I’m gonna shop again any time soon. You can still proceed though without signing up but I advice that you do because they have special discounts and free shipping promos for those who do.

After setting up my account, I brought out my list of essentials I need to restock. Finding them is easy as pie since their products are in an organized categories like skin care & essentials. The search button is a great help as well.


You can choose between add to cart or add to wishlist or both.

One thing I love about BeautyMNL is their products’ page. Everything you need to know about the product is there. They have this What to Love, How to Use and About the Brand section. These sections helped me a lot when I can’t decide what dry shampoo to buy. They also have a review section which is really a must for online shops. If the other girls approved of it, then it’s definitely an add to cart product for me.


You can share your wishlist to your other social medias to be a parinig to the people who loves you so much to buy you these.

I love making wishlists on all shopping website I signed up for (my Pandora wishlist is my favorite) and I’ll definitely not miss making one here in BeautyMNL. My essentials like face cream and shampoo are in here so I don’t have to search for them when I need to buy them again. Sold out Colourpop products (yes you heard it right!) are also in here because they’ll notify me when it’s back on stock.


Of course, the most hated part of shopping awaits. I got all the things in my list (except for my contact lenses solution) so I decided to check out already before I got tempted to add more. There’s a specific amount you have to reach for free shipping but if you’re not buying much, no worries, for their delivery fee is only P50. In check out, I just input my details and shipping address. And for the payment, you got to choose between credit card, paypal, bank deposit or cash on delivery. Easy breezy, right?

I did all of this for 20 minutes while sitting down and munching an apple. Imagine the time and energy I’ll waste if bought these in the mall instead.


Their packaging is great. They even call me beautiful! *kiligs HAHA

Next day delivery and my first BeautyMNL haul

I did my online shopping on a Thursday afternoon and my flight is on Saturday night. I’m really sure one moment that I won’t received it in time for my travel. But BeautyMNL proved me wrong! I’m surprised when my office’s security e-mailed me for a personal package at noon of Friday. This is so far the fastest delivery I had and I’m one happy customer/crammer.

I actually just bought four products (#TipidsiAteGirl):

  1. HANA anti dandruff shampoo  (P125) I only use organic/natural shampoos because I get dandruff on the strong ones! I, and my scalp, swore by this product! No one wants dandruff flakes while traveling. My LBD must remain black at all time!
  2. Halo + Halo Wires Pouch (250) When I travel, I bring a lot of gadgets with me and along side with these are their chargers. I used to use a ziplock (#poorita) before to keep them all together and not misplaced it. I’m happy I found a legit new home for all my wires.
  3. Olay Natural White Cream (P399) This is the only product I used in my face and it decided to ran out on me days before my flight. This is both my moisturizer and sun screen in one so this is definitely going in the luggage.
  4. Made by David Organics Dry Shampoo (P250) I’m a DIY type of travel girl so I tend to walk and take public transportation when I travel. At afternoon, my hair doesn’t smell as nice anymore with my sweat and pollution combined. This is when dry shampoo come to the rescue. It also gives back the lost volume that is much needed when you decided to have a night life.


I’m calling out all my fellow lazy (to go to the mall) travel girls out there, we already have a to go to site to restock our travel essentials. You can go check out their Travelmate’s organizers or sunscreens for your next beach getaway. And today is the best time because FREE SHIPPING!!

Also, if you like taking selfies (hihi we looove selfies!), join our #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.

I’ll be blogging about my Bangkok travel guide and adventures soon. For now, you can go check my BKK adventure in my Instagram (@beadeegee).

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  • Online shopping is probably the best thing ever invented! Damn it’s amazing how they can deliver to you so fast, just in time for your flight. Your instagram photos are making me miss home so bad hahaha. I look forward to seeing your Bangkok travel guides and adventures! 🙂

  • Have fun at Bangkok! I just followed your IG just now haha and your feed is full of gorgeous photos! I want to like them all. I signed up at Beautymnl and I can’t fidn the confirmation link. I want to haul too. I think the website is really convenient nowadays especially for working girls who don’t have enough time to stroll at the mall. I want to switch my shampoo to Hana from Dove, maybe it will also lessen my dandruff too lol.

    • Thank you!! You’ll get it in your e-mail. If you sign up via facebook then in the email you used for your facebook. Very convenient talaga also to working girls who don’t like going to the mall. I used to use Dove too pero natatapangan pa rin yung scalp ko. So I’m really good with gugo or anything organic/natural. You should try!

  • I love Thailand, wish I can go back there next year. Ooh! I’ve been looking for dry shampoo. Glad I saw this post.

  • Though the mall is so near from where I live, I still don’t like the fact that I have to queue in line for the payment! Hahaha. I’ve heard of BeautyMNL before but I’ve never tried purchasing from them. I love the convenience that they offer though! Will try online shopping on their site. ?

  • Online shops are ze boooomb! They’re such a great convenience especially this holiday season talaga! Haha. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Beauty MNL. Haven’t tried shopping with them yet, but I’ve already checked them out and they have some pretty good deals. Will definitely do a haul soon (maybe after I recover from the holiday expenses, haha)!
    xx, The Diary Queen

  • I love BeautyMNL! Their packaging is super nice and they have great customer service. Totally agree on how easy it is to shop on their site, making it so easy for me to overspend. Lol. Will try that dry shampoo you bought! 🙂

  • I love BeautyMNL too! Most of the products that are difficult to find (aka korean products), I usually find here! They also had a lot of promotions and sales in the past few weeks which is why shopping here was bomb! Plus no traffic, lol!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  • Haven’t tried BeautyMNL tho I’ve heard of it before. Might try getting products here because online shopping is easier haha. And oh Hi B, haven’t been in your blog since forever! haha

  • Ooooh, thanks for sharing your experience! The best thing about this would probably the fast shipping! 😀 I’m actually checking out the site now!:D

  • What I like about Beauty Manila is they actually do honest reviews of products they sell and give recommendations of what works and what not works. I don’t actually buy from their site but I check their website regularly to read reviews, hehe. There’s one product I was skeptical of buying before but they recommended it and I bought it, lol. And surprisingly it works really well on my skin. So yes, good job Beauty Manila 🙂


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