Traveling to Baguio during pandemic 2021: The new travel protocols and requirements

For Manila (and nearby provinces) residents, traveling to Baguio is the most convenient escape trip from the stressful city life. Baguio City seems to have it all – nature, good restaurants, cold weather, kind people, and the perfect chill vibes. It is one of the premier tourist destinations in Luzon, especially Benguet, and has already lost billions in its tourism sector this quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


YES, to help jumpstart the tourism economy, Baguio City decided to open its city to tourists, of course, with observance to safety protocols and requirements.

(UPDATE) June 1, 2021: Only tourists from GCQ and MGCQ places can enter Baguio for leisure travel.

We went to Baguio last January 29-31, 2021, to reserve our wedding church and venue. Yes, I’m engaged, loves! But we did the same travel process and submitted the same travel requirements as tourists, which I’ll be sharing with you.

Baguio’s New Entry Protocols & Travel Requirements

These protocols and requirements are as of August 16, 2021. These usually change occasionally, so it’s better to always check the Baguio Tourism FB page for updates.

✓ Baguio City would accept 3,000 tourists per day.
✓ Tourists must schedule their visit on the Baguio Visita website.
✓ No QTP (Quick-Response Tourist Pass), No entry.
✓ For not fully vaccinated tourists, a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test result for 72 hours prior is required for all ages (even kids). The antigen isn’t accepted anymore.
✓  For fully vaccinated tourists, a vaccination card that shows full vaccination meaning two weeks have elapsed after the second dose.
✓ Tourists must undergo mandatory triage upon arrival to Baguio.

Baguio Tourism Entry Protocols

Before traveling to Baguio

1. Create an account on the Baguio Visita website. ( You need to fill in your personal information, upload a valid ID and verify your e-mail. Each tourist must have an account.

Baguio Visita webpage with Welcome to Baguio City your safe haven

2. Book your hotel accommodation in Baguio. You can’t stay anywhere you like, just like the old times. DOT has an accredited hotel list in Baguio. We booked a room in G1 Lodge Design Hotel in Agoda.

G1 Lodge Baguio hotel
Our deluxe room in G1 Lodge Design Hotel


3. Schedule a visit using your Baguio Visita account. Input your accommodation, date and time of arrival, mode of transportation, health declaration form, and your negative RT-PCR COVID-19 result (72 hours prior).

schedule a visit to Baguio City

4. Wait for your QTP to be sent in your e-mail after almost 24 hours. I received it less than 24 hours when I requested it last January 25. I heard from travelers now that sometimes it already takes more than 48 hours for them to send your QTP. You can follow up with your hotels for your QTPs, for they are the ones approving it.

Baguio Visita Travel approved

5. Download your QTP file.


1. We left Rizal around 5 AM. We checked our QTPs on our phones, printed CIFs since we will be taking the COVID-19 test in their triage, our hotel bookings confirmation, and valid IDs before leaving. (Note: If you took a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior, then don’t forget to bring the printed copy of your negative result.)

driving to Baguio City on a pandemic
TPLEX view

2. Upon our exit to TPLEX Rosario, we were stopped by the La Union checkpoint. We were asked about our destination and told them it’s Baguio. We showed our QTP, and they let us go after. Kennon Road is still closed for tourists, so we took the Marcos Highway. Another option is the Naguilian Road.

3. We arrived around 10:30 AM in Palispis, a few minutes away from Baguio City, when a uniformed man stopped us to check our travel purpose. We showed him our QTPs, and he asked us to enter this under-construction building for checkpoint (Triage #1).

Baguio Checkpoint when traveling to Baguio

4. One personnel was guiding us where to park while another one was noting our car details. They asked us to log our details, show our documents (QTPs, CIFs), and leave one valid ID. After that, we were asked to wait inside our car.

Baguio Checkpoint in traveling to baguio in pandemic

5. A personnel in an orange vest told us to start our car and have our hazards on, for we will be in convoy with other 10+ cars to Triage #2. He told us which car to follow until we reach Camp John Hay (Triage #2). Don’t even think of escaping the convoy because first, they have your one valid ID, car details, and you can’t check-in anywhere without their triage clear forms.

6. In Triage #2, we were asked to fill in a contract tracing form, wash our hands, and scan our body temperature before we were able to enter. The ladies at the registration desk scanned our QTPs, reviewed our CIFs, and returned our valid ID from triage #1. You also need to present your negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test result. They’ll validate it then give you the triage clear form that you’ll present in hotels/establishments.

couple waiting for their covid19 antigen testing in baguio city


Can seniors and children travel to Baguio for leisure?

Yes, they can as long as they have their negative RT-PCR test. But better check with Baguio Tourism announcements first if 15 years old below and 65 years old above aren’t allowed to go out in public spaces. If there’s an existing rule, then they can only do staycations.

Are there public transportations to Baguio?

Yes, you can ride a Victory Liner Bus in Cubao for P576 one way. You can see their schedule on their website.

Do I need to book a travel agency to be able to roam around Baguio?

This rule was already lifted. We were able to go around Baguio without booking a travel agency.

The roads of session road baguio on a pandemic


It’s been almost 10 months since we traveled, and as much as we wanted to avoid it, we needed to reserve our destination wedding next year (that I really hope will push through). We were in mixed emotions, scared but excited at the same time when we were traveling to Baguio, but their whole registration and triage process is efficient. The social distancing and health protocols are implemented in the triage. It also just took us less than 2 hours.

We visited a few tourist destinations, restaurants, and even SM Baguio, and we didn’t encounter a single overcrowding situation. Tourists are still minimal that even our hotel is on 50% capacity only. Honestly, we felt safer here than when we do wedding errands in Manila.

Baguio Visita is one effective way to slowly bringing back our tourism, and I’m happy that many provinces or cities are following it.

a couple sitting in a chair in Mirador Hills in Baguio
We will be back in November for requirements, so I’ll update you again on the travel protocols and requirements.

Some Baguio Klook Activities you can avail!

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a couple under a torii gate overlooking the city of baguio



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  • Chito Carpio
    May 11, 2021 11:28 pm

    May God bless your wedding to come next year. Our daughter reset their wedding schedule here in New Manila .. .. Is it the same requirements for me who have a project in mines view ,baguio .my last visit there was dec 21 , 2020 .


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