What To Consider Legally when involved in a Car Accident While Traveling

Many people love traveling to other countries in order for them to experience other cultures, traditions, places, and food—all in an unfamiliar setting. Even if traveling is a form of luxury and a means of relaxation, accidents still have the potential to enter your life no matter where you are or what you do.

On a global scale, there are over 1.3 million yearly vehicular accidents that result in death. In the U.S. alone, that translates to 37,000 recorded incidents, and it is still considered the greatest annual cause of death for healthy U.S. citizens who are traveling abroad. That is why we have listed key factors on what to consider legally when you become involved in a car accident while traveling:

1. Call the local authorities

Before anyone tries to flee the scene in fear of having the recent accident held against them, you must call the authorities to ensure that help is on the way. Not only is it needed for legal matters, but one of you might need medical assistance right away in order for an injury to be addressed and treated.

Since you are in a foreign country and there may be a language barrier, it will be important that you request a translator or representative who speaks your language so that information won’t be lost in translation.

2. Document the scene

To protect yourself legally, take high quality of photos of the scene of the accident. These will help you with any legal case you may wind up pursuing. Should you need evidentiary support if your insurance company requires it or in case you get sued and falsely accused of recklessness, you’ll have something to present to the authorities. These are some of the most important shots you will need to take:

  • The damage done to your car
  • The injuries you have received
  • The damages done to the other party
  • Skid marks (or lack thereof) on the ground
  • The scene of the accident including both of the cars in the frame

3. Write down information

Writing down information will be helpful along the way. When the authorities have arrived at the scene, asking for the names of the paramedic team, police officers investigating and writing down the report of the accident, as well as witnesses should make it easier for you in any legal proceedings that will follow after the accident.

4. Call the car rental service

To travel around town in a foreign country you’ll need to make use of public transportation or a car ride service like a taxi or Uber. Or maybe you prefer to rent a car, which might cost a pretty penny. Some rental car services have their cars insured, and calling the car rental company to inform them about an accident is one of the most important steps to do right after an accident occurs.

5. Ask for help

If you are badly injured from the accident and you only have a limited amount of money left in your account, calling your family and friends for some financial support is an extremely important thing to do. If you suffer injuries from the car accident, be sure to contact your travel insurance company as well.

Being involved in a car accident abroad while you are supposed to be enjoying your trip is certainly a situation no one would expect. However, knowing the key factors and what to consider legally when you are involved in one will certainly prepare you for the whatever is to come. All you have to do is  click here for more information.


Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson is a promising young law writer. She hopes to apply her years of study into helping explain legal issues to the public. Ashley loves cooking and often cooks for her family during weekends.

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