About Me

Hi, I’m Bea De Guzman.

I’m a 20-something corporate girl who is working her ass off for her travels and adventures. If I’m not traveling or blogging, I’m maybe being an electronics engineer in a telco company here in Manila or maybe just dragging my boyfriend to cafes I’ve seen online. I love books and dressing up with dainty dresses. I’m not into make-ups but I obsess over skin care. I collect snow globes and coins of all the places I’ve been. Simple things like long conversations, cuddle weather, approved visas, the Eiffel tower, baking, pandas and gummy bears can make me happy.

But this blog is all about me being a Wander B.
Before 2016

How I started traveling

I started my life of travel back on my 18th birthday. While everyone asked for a debut, I asked for my first trip abroad. I started with Beijing (I’m not Chinese btw) with my mom. And it was on the Great Wall of China, breathless, that I was bitten by the travel bug.

And after 6 years, I ticked off 7 countries – China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Malaysia, UAE with my family. I know that I’m blessed to have parents who can afford us an annual out of the country trip and I’m forever grateful to God for it. That’s why I’ve always prayed that someday I can repay my parents by a trip abroad too.

Through the years, I transformed from an indifferent-and-just-tagging-along traveler to a hands-on one. I learned how to hunt seat sale and reasonable accommodations. I also don’t mind doing the research, planning, and itineraries because I enjoy them.

Beijing beadeegee
About Me 2016

Wander B was born.

In my first year in the corporate world, earning my own money, I spent most my salary to my trips. I remember going to 6 beaches in the span of 3 months. It was because of my Camp Netanya trip where my inbox went crazy. It is also the start that I converted my personal Tumblr account into a travel one.

After months of posting travel photos, guides, and experiences, I gained some likes and followings. Then in April of 2016, as I was searching for blogs after blogs for our family’s Japan trip, that I decided that I wanted one – with my own domain and self-hosting. And oh, I bought my mirrorless camera in Japan this year too for A+ blog photos. And in May 2016, after our Japan trip, I bought my own domain and self-hosting. Wander B was born.

P.S. It was also in 2016 that I had my first airplane rides (local and international) without my parents.


Still figuring things out.

A year has passed and I know that I made some small wins like collaborations with companies, travel, and cafe invites and having some of my travel guides in the first page of google search. I’m working extra harder this year to produce more content for you guys. Thank you for dropping by and sticking out with me.

And by the way, I visited my 10th country this year! YAY!! Read my blog?

What is Wander B all about?

Wander B, launched June 2016, is a blog mostly covering anything about adventures, discovered places & travel experiences and guides. It is where I documented all my incredible experiences- from the mountains to the bustling advanced cities to the serene beaches and gorgeous islands to a completely different time-zone.

In here, you can read my little wanders in newly discovered cafes or places around Manila and Rizal (my hometown), my budget weekend getaways in different provinces of the Philippines and my international travels with family or friends. My travel stories are usually written in a combination of travel guide/travel itineraries and my personal experience, either good or bad.

But mostly, this blog is a witness of my process of getting out of my comfort zone and seeking the great perhaps. So, expect nothing but adventure posts from me. Enjoy!

What I love about traveling is that it exposed me to different races, cultures and traditions that shows how different we all are. But in the end, I also see that we share a common humanity. Travelling widens my mind, my perspectives and my understanding.