Baler, Philippines

Baler is the capital and the most famous municipality of Aurora. It is on the east coast of Luzon Island and is mainly known first as a surfing spot due to its surf-worthy waves. But aside from surfing, this sleepy town is also home to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, and historical sites worth the 6 to 7-hours drive.

Baler Travel Guide
Baler Facts

Baler is the birthplace of surfing here in the Philippines. After the 1979 war movie “Apocalypse Now” shooting in Baler, the filmmakers left the surfboards used in the set to the locals. Thus, surfing is introduced.

But Baler also has an exciting history, as seen in the movie “Baler” of Anne Curtis and Jerico Rosales. The last Spaniards soldiers to leave the Philippines after the Philippines Revolution came from the siege of Baler. The Spanish invasion ended in 1898, but the Spanish forces in Baler continued their defense to the Filipino forces until June 1899.

Baler is also the birthplace of our former president Manuel Quezon.


Baler is 232 kilometers away from Manila on the eastern coast of Luzon. The Pacific Ocean is in the east of the town, significantly affecting the winds and current making it a good surfing spot. The south part of the town consists of a part of the Sierra Madre mountain range. However, the north part of the town is the lowland where people live, and agriculture is.


It is recommended to travel in December – February since these are the coolest months in the Philippines while March to May is the hottest. Avoid the rainy or typhoon months from June to October. If you are going for the waves, Baler has excellent surfing conditions from September to March.

Baler Travel Guide


There are two zigzag paths connecting Baler from Cabanatuan. I prefer the Pantabangan Road (longer but less zigzag) over the Bongabon Road (shorter but super zigzag like 90 degrees).

Bring cash because there are only 3 ATMs in town – ChinaBank, DBP and RCBC. P5,000 is already a lot for a 3-day stay.

It is better to stay near Sabang Beach. There are many affordable accommodations around town.

Seafood is a lot cheaper here than in Manila. There are artsy restaurants around but if you’re in a budget, go to the local eateries.

If you don’t have a car with you, rent a Tourism accredited tricycle to bring you around Baler for P800 for 3 people.

It’s the perfect place to learn surfing. The beach has fine sand so you don’t have to worry getting wounded due to rocks.

It’s better to go on a weekday. Weekends especially during summer can get overcrowded.

How to go to Baler


Only one bus company, Genesis Transport Services, caters to a direct route of Manila – Baler and vice versa. It is located in Cubao, Quezon City, and offers a regular or deluxe bus that you can choose from.

  • Deluxe buses or popularly known as JoyBus
         – P730 one way
    – 5 trips per day (11 PM, 12 AM, 1 AM, 2 AM & 5:30 AM)
    – It is better to drop by their terminal beforehand to buy tickets in advance.

  • Regular aircon buses
    – P488 one way
    – 10 PM to 7 AM, the bus leaves every 2 hours
    – Walk-in is entertained but the seat is subject to availability.

From Cabanatuan

For the people that are already from the North, you can take the Cabanatuan – Baler route. Travelers from Manila who arrived at the terminal late or had failed to secure a bus ride due to the crowd can also do this long way. Just ride a bus that will bring you to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, and from Cabanatuan Central Terminal, catch a bus or van that will bring you to Baler.

The van (P250) is a faster option, but all seats need to be filled first before they go. There are also Genesis buses available, and it costs P247 from 5 AM to 3 PM, every 2 hours.

Getting Around Baler


Motorbikes are usually the cheapest mode of transportation in any Philippine province, but it is pretty pricey here in Baler. The cheapest is at P800, and the price still depends on the brand and transmission you’ll be renting out.


It’s the most common way to get around Baler since there are numerous tourism accredited tricycle tour guides that you can hire. It costs P800 for a whole day tour which is good for three people. Tricycle tours include Ditumabo Falls, Diguisit Beach and Rock Formation, and Balete Tree, while other tourist spots have different rates.


Jamjen’s Lodge

Jamjen’s Lodge, along Buton Street in Sabang Beach, is not a beachfront accommodation but is an affordable one. It’s a bright pink building and a “you-get-what-you-paid-for” lodge. The room is clean and has its own restroom. The location is good too because it is near the Baler Surfer’s Grill and it is just one street away from the beach.

On my first trip to Baler in 2015, my college friends and I were still budget travelers back then; thus, we settled for cheap accommodation. We were 10 in the group, and we stayed in one room with two double beds and one extra bed. We only paid P900 per person for our two-night stay.

P.S. I’m not a blogger back then, so forgive my photos.

Baler Travel Guide

Baler Travel GuideBaler Travel Guide

Hermano’s Leisure Farm

On our second trip to Baler last 2017, it was a Labor Weekend, so most of the accommodations in Baler were fully booked. We settled somewhere on Dipaculao Beach, which is a 30-minute drive away from Baler town. Dipaculao is the neighboring municipality of Baler on the north side. It is much less crowded and also already making a name in Aurora’s tourism.

Hermano’s Leisure Farm is a beachfront resort that has a swimming pool and a bar. We rented two adjacent rooms overlooking the beach, each room having two double beds and a bathroom. One family room costs P5,500 per night for a maximum of 6 people.

It is an excellent place to stay, especially if you’re are going on holiday or long weekends because Baler is usually jam-packed at those times.


Baler City guide

Baler City guide


And just this February 2020, I went back to Baler for my mom’s family reunion. We rented a whole beachfront house overlooking Sabang Beach. It is along Buton Street and next to the famous Aliya Surf Camp.

The house has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, own swimming pool, and a yard. It can house 25 people for only P20,000 a night. If you’ll be traveling with a large group, then this is the perfect accommodation for you.


Surfers Hub Baler

Surfers Hub Baler

Surfers Hub Baler

Budget Hotels
P500 - P1,500per night
  • Jamjen's Lodge - P500
  • The Circle Hostel - P800
  • Balai Surf - P2,000/4pax
  • Charlie Does Inn - P800
Mid-Range Hotels
P2,500 - P4,500per night
  • Nalu Surf Camp - P4,000
  • Aliya Surf - P4,000
  • Playa Azul Baler - P3,800
  • Blue Coco Baler - P3,000
Luxury Hotels
P6,000 -P10,000per night
  • Costa Pacifica - P12,000
  • The Cube Baler - P6,000
  • Casita Baler - P9,000
  • Hotel Punta Baler - P7,000


Baler city guide

Museo de Baler

If you want to know the history of Baler, head to their museum! It has so much historical information that it is exciting and entertaining to learn.
Entrance fee: P30

Baler city guide

Doña Aurora Quezon’s Houde

It is the house of Doña Aurora, Manuel Quezon’s wife, and the Aurora province is named to.
Entrance fee: free if you visited Museo de Baler

Baler city guide

Diguisit Beach and Rock Formation

On the north side of Baler, there’s the Diguisit Beach and rock formation. It’s a less crowded beach than Sabang, but it is rockier. There are rock formations that make a good photo backdrop.
Entrance fee: 20 PHP

Baler city guide

Baler Hanging Bridge

Ten minutes away from the town proper is Baler’s Hanging Bridge. It is a working pedestrian hanging bridge, and it was quite an experience to cross it.
Entrance Fee: free

Baler city guide

Ditumabo Mother Falls

If you’re into adventures, hike your way to Ditumabo Mother Falls. We went after a rainy week, so the falls had a stronger current than usual.
Entrance fee: 30 PHP / Guide fee: 200 PHP

Baler city guide

BALER sign

Just across Museo de Baler is the famous BALER sign that everyone who’s been in Baler should never miss.
Entrance fee: free

Baler city guide

Baler Church

Across Doña Aurora’s house is the historical church of Baler. This is where the last Spaniard soldiers of the siege of Baler took refuge.
Entrance fee: free

Baler city guide

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is the famous surf beach of Baler. The sands are dark but delicate. It is also usually packed with beginner surfers.
Entrance fee: free | surf lesson: P400

Baler city guide

Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill is in the same barangay as the hanging bridge, and it gives you a view of Sabang Beach. The place also holds a history of where the 1735 Baler tsunami only survivors fled for safety.
Entrance fee: 35 PHP

Baler city guide

Millennium Tree

Another beautiful natural wonder of Aurora is the Balete Tree that is already more than 600 years old. It is located in Maria Aurora, 30 minutes away from Baler town.
Entrance fee: 15 PHP


Baler city guide

Price Range: P89-P250
Recommendation: Chicken BBQ & Bulalo BBQ

Baler city guide

The Good Food
Price Range:
Recommendation: chicken quesadilla

Baler city guide

Yellow Fin Bar & Grill
Price Range:
Recommendation: grilled yellowfin tuna & grilled pusit

Baler city guide

Beach House of Costa Pacifica
Price Range:
Recommendation: breakfast buffet and their wood-fired pizza


Cauti Bar and Grill

Crash Pad

Nalu Surf Bar


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