Batanes Seaside hotel

Staying at Batanes Seaside Hotel: Perfect for a family of 5 and picky boomers

When I saw that Batanes Seaside Hotel has a hotel room perfect for 5 adults, I instantly clicked book now! A hotel room for 5 people perfectly checks off our usual family accommodation dilemma – comfortable beds for everyone and picky parents who you can’t put in a homestay/hostel. I knew its the perfect hotel to stay in for our Batanes trip.

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Batanes Seaside Hotel

Batanes Seaside Hotel, across Batanelco, is located in the town of Basco and less than 10 minutes away from the airport. It is the first and pioneer hotel in the whole Batanes province and quite has a name in regards of Batanes hotels.

My boyfriend was actually the one who told me about this because it is where he stayed before on his government dispatch. He was so sure my parents would love it there because, despite its homey-vibes (which technically all Batanes accommodations have), it still has the hotel service and experience.

Batanes Seaside Hotel

The reception

If you’re expecting something really hotel-like, we’ll definitely share the same first impression. The whole hotel looks like a big house with a big balcony and a rooftop. The interior as well made me reminisce about our old house in Bulacan. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the place doesn’t look old but it has that typical, and I’m totally crossing the modern homes here, provincial Filipino big house. Red tiles, big wooden staircase, mirrors or paintings on empty walls, electric fans around and those cute drop lights, yep, big provincial home energy.


Batanes Seaside Hotel

Our room

>The room is modern, contradicting the theme of the hotel’s commonplace.

Anyway, all of you who grew up in a family of 5 would understand how hard it is to look for the perfect accommodation. It’s either you squeeze yourselves or splurge because a typical family room only accommodates 4 adults and booking two rooms can be expensive. But Batanes Seaside’s family room consists of 2 queen beds and 1 single bed. Say goodbye to that extra bed on the floor or squeezing 3 people on a double bed. And can I just add that even though that there are 3 beds, there’s still enough space to walk around and for your baggage.

The room has towels, vanity table, refrigerator, television, AC, electric fan, cabinet, bedside table with lamp and Bible and your own comfort room (with heater yahoo!).  This costs P5,500 for a night inclusion of breakfast for 5 people. Not bad, for me.

Batanes Seaside Hotel

Now let’s talk about the bed. It is the standard hotel bed – thick and comfortable that you wouldn’t want to get out of. It has clean white sheets and comforter because it really is cold in the mornings. They’re generous with pillows too. I’m not sure with its size but my sister and I (medium-sized) comfortably fit in it.


Batanes Seaside Hotel is along National Road with no gate or fence around it. There’s only a parking in front, and some wooden benches, where you can park your rented motorbikes. As you enter the hotel, the reception and holding area will greet you. The reception, of course, has the Batanes trademark of stone wall and which is also mostly unmanned. It’s an Ivatan trait that you’ll understand when you got there.

Batanes Seaside Hotel

Just beside the reception area, near the staircase, there are rooms already. The reception is seldom busy, only when guests arrive from their flight to check-in, so I think noise won’t be a problem when you stay in this room. It is also an advantage if you’re traveling with seniors since they won’t be needing to use the stairs.

The staircase will be the next one you’ll see after the reception area. It is decorated by various Batanes photos, paintings, and facts to know. The basement is the dining area/restaurant of the hotel. The hotel admin’s office is also here in case you need something. And most importantly, the hotel’s router is also situated here so the WI-FI is the strongest here.

Batanes Seaside Hotel

The second floor, on the other hand, has most of the rooms including ours. There’s a common area in the middle that resembles a sala and there are open doors that lead to the front and back side balconies. The balconies are a great place to have your coffee in the morning. The front balcony has the road and mountain view while the back balcony has the ocean view. I prefer the ocean view.

Batanes Seaside Hotel

The 2nd floor common hall

Batanes Seaside Hotel

Balcony with the mountain view

Batanes Seaside Hotel

Balcony with Ocean view

And lastly, I explored the rooftop as well but it was just an empty area, no chairs and anything.


Airport transport service

Included in your stay is their free airport transfer service via van. I was contacted by the hotel days before to ask for our flight details and upon our arrival, I saw a lady, in a Batanes Seaside Hotel uniform, holding a placard with my name outside the airport. The van we rode was spacious and clean. We rode the same van on our way home.


Since all of the flights in/from Batanes is in the morning, their check-in and out is not the standard 2 PM and 12NN. Check-in time is at 9:30 AM but we arrived around 8 AM so they offer us our breakfast first (NOTE: Breakfast on your arrival day is not included, you can either pay for this or transfer your last day’s breakfast to this day. We chose the latter). They gave us our room at 9 AM clean and ready. Checking out, as well, is easy and fast.

Free Breakfast

Every night, the receptionist’s gonna give you a piece of paper that has all the breakfast set meal for tomorrow. You just need to put a check beside the meal you/family wanted and return it to them. In the morning, you just need to say your room number in the kitchen crew in charge and wait for your breakfast. It took some time, maybe around 20-25 minutes, for the meal to be served.

Their breakfast set meal is your typical Filipino breakfast – hamsilog, bangusilog, hotsilog, tocilog, pancakes, and their Ivatan dish lunis. You can choose to change your rice into toast too.

NOTE: Inform them if you’re going to have your Sabtang tour, they’ll prepare your meal at 5 AM because tour usually starts at 5:45 AM.


One thing I love about hotels is that after your tour around the place, you’ll end up with a clean room and fixed bed. I’ve been using Airbnb and hostels for so long that I appreciate how they clean up our room every day. And new towels too.


It’s a yes for me, especially if you are 5-6 person in a group. I tried to search for affordable homestay that can accommodate that number but it’s either a bunk bed room or 2 seperate rooms. And imagine that 2 rooms in a homestay can cost me 20k PHP, only 2,000 PHP cheaper than this room in a hotel. One person (assuming you are 5 in the group) has to pay around P4500 for 4 nights here. In terms of price, I know it’s a little steep for budget travelers but for traveler that are into comfortable travel in a reasonable price (like me!), this is perfect.

And if like me, you are traveling with your boomer or senior parents, this is a thumbs up for them.


If you’ve already stayed in Batanes Seaside Hotel or planning to stay soon? We can talk on the comment section below! Also, this is my first accommodation review and planning to add more like this in the blog. Let me know if there’s a specific thing that you wanted to read on this review! 🙂

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