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Burrow Underground Cafe in Antipolo is the new hidden gem here in Rizal. I’ve been eyeing this underground cafe I saw on Facebook since: first, it’s just here in our hometown; and second, I’ve never been to an underground cafe! Have you? Have you?

In celebration of our 3.5 years (42 months WHOAAA) of being an official couple, Paul and I decided that we’ll have a breakfast monthsary date because we seldom do that. Okay fine, the decision was more from me than him. He hated waking up early at weekends but sometimes a boyfriend just got no choice. And I gave him next month to choose the restaurant so that’s fair.


Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

How to go to Burrow Cafe

It was a rainy Saturday at 10 AM when we went. The road to Burrow Cafe made us have second thoughts (forest alert!), but we trusted Waze. The cafe was in a hidden corner of Beverly Subdivision in Antipolo, just a subdivision neighbor away from Pinto Art Museum. There was a wooden “Beehouse and Burrow” sign in front, and the parking was only a driveway parking.

From the entrance, we followed the directions that led us to almost a hundred steps of stairs down, ending to an open garden with sketchy underground stairs in the middle. I was raised to avoid suspicious entrances like this, so I doubted and let my man lead the way.

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

The Underground Cafe

It turned out that the underground of the open garden was a cafe. A waiter greeted us and asked us about our reservations. I have to tell you that Burrow Cafe is on a reservation policy. My mind took almost 5 minutes to process how gorgeous the place was. It has a brick wall on one side and a window-wall overlooking a river and forest on the other.  There were only eight unique garden tables that despite all tables were occupied; the place still didn’t look crowded. On the other corner were colorful hammocks that the kids loved. The table details and all the plants around made the place more beautiful and livelier.

As we were ushered in our seats, I’m like a crazy dog so happy that I told Paul that I think I just saw my ideal house.

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo
Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Our Breakfast

We were not seated beside the windows because I had reserved only one week before. I think you need at least 2 or 3 weeks? But yeah, the view was still lovely, overlooking the forest with the drizzle. We waited for our foods for like 10-15 minutes until it was served hot and newly cooked.

I ordered the Bacon-Sausage-Eggs (395 PHP), and Paul had the Tender Beef Tapa (320 PHP). I have nothing against my food. It was delicious, and just how I want my breakfast every day. Paul’s tapa tho was on the sweet side of the scale that I’m not a fan of. Their foods were average, nothing ordinary, but it was not bad as well.

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Is Burrow Cafe worth it?

We enjoyed Burrow Cafe mostly because the place was so serene that Paul and I were able to catch up with our work issues and gossips while eating our breakfast. It’s our first breakfast date, and I think we were off to a great start. It was a gorgeous and quiet cafe to bond with friends or with your significant other plus good food. It might be pricey, though, but given their service and place, for me, it was worth paying for.

Things You Need To Know

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Burrow Cafe Schedule

OPEN • Wed-Thurs 8 AM-4 PM / Fri-Sun 7 AM-4 PM / select holidays
Closed • Mon-Tues

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo


I private messaged them on their Facebook Page, and they confirmed my chosen date and time.



 – They still don’t accept credit and debit cards. They’re still on a cash basis.
– You can only stay for as long as 2 hours, especially on a weekend since the cafe is still in large demand.
– Walk-ins are welcome, though seats are not guaranteed.
– The Burrow is a hidden haven located within the grounds of Antipolo Beehouse, accessible 76 steps down by the river, nestled underneath a garden.
– If you’re bringing elders, they need to be able to navigate stairs.
– There’s an alternate ramp, but it is steep.
– For more information on their website, click here.

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Burrow Beehouse Antipolo

Have you been to Burrow Cafe before? Or maybe planning to go anytime soon? Let’s talk on the comment section below! 🙂

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tables in burrow cafe in antipolo



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  • I miss going on a date with my boyfriend! I would LOVE to visit this cafe! 💖 I know Miguel’s looking for different cafes, so I’ll recommend this one to him since it’s 20-min drive lang from his home. I am soooo looking forward to your next cafe visit!

  • I’ve never even heard of an underground cafe before! Parang ang sketchy nga nung entrance. Feeling ko mapapaatras ako kung ako lang mag-isa haha. Pero the place and its aura.. ahhh, ang ganda!


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