Siargao itinerary

A Non-Surfer’s Travel Guide and DIY Itinerary to Siargao

Siargao is known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” but this place is not limited only for the professional surfers or surfer wannabes. There is so much in this place than its massive waves that even I, a city girl who’s afraid of the water, loved and enjoyed it. So, from the non-surfer me, let me share you my itinerary to this beautiful and chillest island in the Philippines.

Siargao Airport

My first Mindanao sunrise.


via Skyjet Airline: Skyjet offers direct flights to Sayak Airport. Plane ticket starts at P3,000 one way. Watch out for their seat sale. Airfare can go as low as P3k/RT.

via Cebu Pacific: Cebu Pacific only have direct flights to Siargao from Cebu City so if you’re coming from Manila, you have to fly to Cebu first. You can also opt for a flight to Surigao City and Butuan City.

UPDATE OCT 2017: Cebu Pacific already offers a direct flight from Manila to Siargao!!

via Cokaliong Shipping Line: Cokaliong Shipping line offers motor vessels that travel overnight from Cebu to Surigao City for P825 starting price. Since Cebu flights are often on sale than Siargao ones, this is a cheaper way but time-consuming one.

Ours is via Cebu Pacific Manila to Butuan. It is not on sale so we got our ticket around 6k pesos. Cebu Pacific’s Siargao flights are rarely on sale so I advised you to keep an eye on Butuan instead. You can get it as low as P600/RT.

 If you choose to fly to Surigao City: You still need to ride a roro from Surigao Port to Dapa port for 2.5 hours. (P250) The last roro to Dapa is at 12:30nn.
If you choose to fly to Butuan City: Ride a van to Surigao City just outside the airport for 3 to 4 hours. (P200) We did this and the travel consumed almost a day.

How to go to Siargao

We arrived at Butuan at 6 AM and we reached Siargao at 2:30 PM. Wew!


Siargao offers all kinds of accommodation, from budget to luxurious, for the solo travelers, to couples, to groups. There are also Airbnbs around but most of it are big beach houses and habal-habals might not be familiar with it since it’s residential. So we stick with the beach resorts and I was able to book Ocean 101 Beach Resort in Travelbook.PH.


Ocean 101 is in between of budget and luxurious. We paid around P10,800 for a 3-night stay in a family room for 6 adults that can actually fit 10 persons.  It is just 5 minutes walk to Cloud 9 Boardwalk and some famous cafes and restaurants in Siargao. If you want a good and beautiful place to stay but don’t want to hurt your wallet at the same time, I recommend you here.

Here’s a list of all the accommodations I saw online before Travelbook’s Siargao hotels saved me:

Solo travelers (shared): Panglaom Hostels, Smiling Pig Hostel, Hammock Hostel, Dormitels Siargao
Budget friendly (P500-P1.500): Kermit Surf Resort, Kawili Resort, Kokai Resort, La Luna Island Resort, Patrick’s on the Beach
Approved ni Mommy (P1,500 – P3,000): Buddha’s Surf Camp, Greenhouse, Ocean 101, Romantic Beach Villas, Harana Surf Resort
Kung Mayaman si Papa (P3,000 above): Isla Cabana, Kalinaw Resort, Dedon Island


Siargao Itinerary

Day 1

6:00 AM    – Arrived at Butuan Airport / Van to Surigao City – P200
10:30 AM – Arrived at Surigao Terminal/ Multicab to Surigao Port – P10
10:45 AM – Surigao Terminal / Wait for next ride to Dapa
11:30 AM – Roro to Dapa Port, Siargao – P250
2:00 PM    – Arrived at Dapa Port / Trike to Ocean 101 – P50
2:30 PM    – Check in Ocean 101 / free time
3:30 PM   – Surfboard rental – P250/hr
7:00 PM   – Dinner in Harana – P250
TOTAL = P1,010

Siargao Itinerary

Day 2 (Naked, Daku and Guyam Island Hopping)

8:30 AM   – Breakfast at Shaka Siargao – P250
9:30 AM   – Start of Island Hopping – P1500 (P250/each)
10:00 AM – Naked Island
11:30 AM – Seafood Lunch at Daku Island – P1500 (P250/each)
2:30 PM    – Guyam Island
3:30 PM    – Back to Ocean 101
5:00 PM    – Cloud 9 Boardwalk
8:00 PM    – Dinner at Kermit – P300
TOTAL = P1,050

Siargao Itinerary

Day 3 (What to do and eat aside from surfing)

7:30 AM    – Breakfast at Cafe Loka – P250
8:30 AM    – Magpupungko + Sugba Lagoon trike rental – P2000 (P335/each)
9:30 AM    – Magpupungko Pool Rocks
11:30 AM – Lunch at Magpupungko – P850 (P145/each)
1:30 PM    – Del Carmen, Siargao / Boat ride to Sugba Lagoon – P1600 (P270/each)
2:30 PM    – Sugba Lagoon / Cliff Diving / Paddleboarding – P200/hr
4:30 PM    – Back to Carmen
5:30 PM    – Dinner at Mama’s Grill – P800 (P135/each)
TOTAL =  P1,335

Siargao Itinerary

Day 4 (The 3 Hidden Gems of Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cave)

5:30 AM – Call time for Bucas Grande – P4000/boat (P670/each)
9:00 AM – Arrived at Bucas Grande/ Breakfast – P100
9:30 AM – Luminous Rocks / Cliff Diving / Stingless Jellyfish – P2080 (P350/each)
12:00 NN – Lunch @ Bucas Grande – P1500 (P250/each)
1:30 PM – Departure to Hayanggabon Port
2:30 PM – Arrive at Hayanggabon / Took a bath – P20 
3:00 PM – Travel back to Butuan – P290
7:00 PM – Butuan Airport – P150 terminal fee
TOTAL = P1,830

GRAND TOTAL: P5225 + P1800 (hotel) = P7,025

Please take note that most of the prices above are divided into 6 persons. Bigger groups tend to be cheaper so I advised you to bring your friends or make friends to other tourists to share the boat fees. Everyone is friendly on this island so don’t be shy to make friends at the restaurants and hostels. We met a lovely couple in our island hopping who even let us have a drone shot! So go ahead and be extra friendly.

Siargao Philippines

Heading to Siargao soon?

Click the image on the left for a detailed island travel guide that will help you more.

Or have been already?

We can share tips, experience and guides in the comment section below!

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  • Girl grabe sa effort nung photos ha! Haha
    Ang hassle pumunta ng siargao haha baka mag-skyjet nalang ako if ever! Hehe At baka piliin ko na magchill nalang din kasi ni di nga ako marunong lumangoy, surf pa kaya haha

    • HAHA! Hindi kasi ako makapili ng photos na ilalagay so collage collage na lang. Sobra. I advise skyjet din talaga. Hassle sobra nung ginawa namin. Yep, masaya mag chill lang blog blog ka lang by the beach ganun. 🙂

    • Louelle Capistrano
      October 1, 2017 7:20 am

      Hi! Watch out for the seat sale of Skyjet direct flights to Siargao. You can score a roundtrip ticket too for just 3k.

    • Hi Bea,
      So puede puntahan magpupunko pool and sugba lagoon in one day? I can just follow your day 3 itinerary.?

  • Girl, yung sa surfboard rental walang instructor? As in sariling sikap ganun? Huhuhu. Anyway, ang ganda ng lahat ng islands and beaches ?

    • You can hire instructor din for P500 pero sobrang unlike ng Baler na lahat gagawin nila for you. They’ll teach you how to paddle and everything so sobrang nakakapagod!

  • Thanks for your tips Bea! Would really love to go to Siargao 🙂


  • Huuuuy nasa bucket list ko ‘to!!! Lalo yung tatlong islands sa Day 2 mo. Haha. Kainggit! ❤️❤️❤️ I hope I could visit din soon. Will wait on skyjet seat sale. HAHA

  • I didn’t realize you have your own blog, Bea. Love your IG feed, btw.

    I didn’t know that Siargao is the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. I know that it’s famous for beaches, but I’ve never really been there. I only see photos from friends and none of them went surfing when they went there. Ha!

    Your itinerary is noted. But I might try to learn how to surf if I go there. I’ll have to learn how to swim first, though. Ha!

    BTW, I love how you crop and paste your photos like that. It makes it look like pages from a magazine.

    • Hi, Heide!! Welcome to thy humble blog. I haven’t advertised it at much on IG din kasi. I’ll do next time. Oh, it is. The waves are gigantic and will definitely eat you alive. haha! I’m not a good swimmer too but yes it will be an advantage to know how to swim din. Good luck on that!

      Thank you, sweet girl!

  • Natawa naman ako sa category ng accommodations girl. Hahaha. I want to go to Siargao too! But ang hassle and ang expensive so maybe next time. Thanks for the itinerary, saving for future reference 🙂


    • HAHAHA! Just my corny self. Abang abang lang ng Skyjet seat sale. The place is not expensive naman but the airfare talaga yung masakit. haha

  • Nung nakita ko to sa IG mo nanlaki talaga mata ko!! Gustong gusto ko makapunta dyan! huhu. Kaso laging wala akong mahanap na kasama. 🙁 Subukan ko hatakin si Joanna dyan hahaha. Yung sa Ocean 101, 1800 na yung total for 6 persons??? Ang mura kung ganun! Sana ako din makapunta dyan someday.


  • Grabe! Siargao is always on my list of places to visit. Sana makabook ako ng ‘cheap’ flight!

    PS: Grabe yung pinagdaanan nyo just to go there!

  • Wow! ang neat ng travel guide mo B 🙂 and i like how you put the photos together. This is very helpful, sana makapunta din kami Siargao 🙂

  • Ever since I experience LU, I have been wanting to visit Siargao! Thanks for this post 🙂 So detailed!

  • I went to Siargao last year and my friends and I rode a bus from Cagayan de Oro to Butuan, then van to Surigao. It was such a loooong trip. Ang hassle! Sobra! But the island made it super worth it. Siargao is definitely a gem! Hopefully, I’ll visit it again this May 🙂

    • GRABE! Yung Butuan to Siargao nga lang nahassle na ako. How much more if from CDO?!! But yes, the island is super worth. I wanted to go back nga since Skyjet offers direct flight na! yay!!

  • […] can read my previous blog post A Non-Surfer’s Travel Guide and DIY Itinerary to Siargao on how to go to […]

  • Hi,

    Love the detailed the itinerary!
    My friends and I are going there on the 20th. If i may ask, the whole island hopping(naked/daku/guyam) just cost your group 1500?
    Appreciate it if you could share the contact # of the guide or with whom we can coordinate that tour. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, Jem!! Thank you. Yes, P1500 na for the boat so hati hati kami dun na 6. Here’s the number na pinag rent namin ng boat 09056054600. Very mabaet and he’s a local. Please say I say hi. 🙂

  • hi.. Are the boat ride waves going to Siargao island are really big and scary?, How about this summer season, waves are the same(“gigantic “). Is this true?

    • What boat ride? If the Surigao-Siargao boat ride, it’s bearable naman since we rode a roro naman. I didn’t get seasick too. The waves can be really big that why the last roro to Siargao is at 12:30PM. The island hopping, sugba lagoon are not advised to be done on afternoon because of the waves too.

  • hello. i checked ocean 101’s website and the rate for the family room is different from what you quoted. it’s $84/night on the website. is there another family room at a cheaper rate? planning to go there this Sept group of 6.

  • Hi! DIY in siargao Aug 1-3? who’s up?

  • Girl, sana share mo naman contacts mo ng tours. Mga bangkero na nakausap mo. Huhuhu. I’m going to Siargao on July 22 2017

    • Hi Adz,

      I did mention our local bangkero/tour guide on the travel tip section. 🙂 Contact Kuya Loyding 09056054600 ❤️ Sobrang baet, owns his own boat and motorcycle so talagang walang patong. Lahat ng activities namin sa kanya nanamin kinuha. If you decided na kunin siya, say hi for me! 🙂

  • Nice IT. My son and I will be there from December 28-January 1. We’ll be staying in Romantic Beach Villas. Any tips for a solo traveling mom with a 7 year old boy? Is the area where we are staying suitable for swimming? Also, what tours do you suggest we arrange for? Thank you

    • Hi Zahra,

      Romantic Beach Villa as I remember has a pool so I guess that will be good for your son. The waves are really big in Siargao so I don’t think the ocean is safe for him kasi even I kinakaen ng alon. I suggest you do the island hopping. (Naked, Daku and Guyam) Magpupungko Pool Rock is beautiful too but it will take 45 – 60 minutes to reach it from General Luna.

  • […] You can click the pins to know what places they are. If you want to know how to go, travel guides and tips to Siargao, read my previous blog post A Non-Surfer’s Travel Guide and DIY Itinerary to Siargao. […]

  • Hi! Did you visit Club Tara in Bucas Grande?

  • hi! good day I had fun reading your SiARGAO experience. I and my boyfriend are planning to go in Siargao by October hopefully. I just want to ask if KUYA LOYDING is your only tour guide for 3 days? I mean, can he make all the land and boat arrangement for us so it’ll be a hassle free tour for us since we are just two person travelling? looking forward for your response.

    • Hi Dana!!

      Yes, si Kuya Loydin lang lahat nag ayos for us. Kahit yung pagbili sa palengke for lunch pwede mo irequest sa kanya. He can make both land and boat arrangement since he has a trike and boat na rin. Say hi for me pag kinuha niyo siya.

      • Great! What a relief! I’ll get back to you soon once we set the specific date for OUR Siargao experience. We will follow your itinerary for sure!! I’ll send your regards!

  • Hi! Thanks for posting this.. swak to sa’min were going there on October ask lang.. last day nyo is Bucas Grande dala nyo na gamit to Socorro? and sa Hayanggabon kayo naligo?

    • Hi Cath! Yes, dala namin. Yung bangka ni Kuya Loyding has storage para sa gamit then hinatid na niya rin kami to Hayanggabon Port after. Dun na rin kami naligo sa Hayanggabon for P20.

  • I’ve read blogs and itinerary for Siargao. And this one is the best so far. So detailed and may prices pa talaga. I’ll be going there with my family. We’re from Davao. May question ako sis. Pwede kaya naming itawid ang sasakyan from Surigao to Siargao? I heard it’s pricey daw. And sabi may rent-a-car? Do you have any knowledge about it?

    • Hi Raiza,

      Thank you!! Wala akong experience sa rent-a-car dun pero while making an itinerary before naencounter ko to You can try and contact them. For us kasi group of friends, medyo pricey siya so we decided to rent a trike instead na lang.

      • Hi, you said sumakay kayo ng roro going to Siargao. I wanted to ask, pwede ba isakay ang motorcycle sa roro or persons lang pwede? salamat 🙂

  • Hi! Justwanna ask if the 1800 for your hotel accomodation, the whole stay(4days) or is it just for a night? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jess,

      Ocean 101 Beach Resort Family room costs us P10,800 for 4D/3N. We are 6 in the group so yung P1800 is divided ng kabuuan. It’s kinda pricey for me pero given the beach resort, okay na rin.

  • Hi Bea! Great photos and post about Siargao. Very detailed and helpful. So glad that Skyjet now offers daily flights from Manila to Siargao with no hassle at all. Good thing we scored a ticket on sale just what you mentioned here at a great price. Really got too excited on our trip. Thank a lot!

  • Hello, How did you do your arrangements for your Sohoton/Bucas Grande Tour?

  • Sabrina Abuiza
    November 20, 2017 4:25 am

    Hi, my partner and I will go in Siargao next year, June. Your blog is so helpful. Meron ba dun mga group tour na pwede kami mag join? Since we’re only 2pax.

  • Hey yooo. Is there anyone here going to Siargao this Dec 10th to 15th???

  • You just got me super excited planning my trip to Siargao! !!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Ayessah Kayla Abdullatip
    January 1, 2018 5:15 am

    Hi Ate! Since you rode the roro, how much po ba ang bayad pag dala ang sasakyan? Van po.

    • I didn’t ride the roro na pwede magdala ng car eh. Alam ko that leave very early and once a day lang ang trip nila. Try to search or call Montenegro roros for it. 🙂

  • Hi I read your blog about Siargao. Sa lahat ng resort na napuntahan nyo san mas ok? Sa ocean 101 , buddha surf or harana? Thanks

    • Hi Jade, sa ocean 101 lang kami nagstay pero napasok ako sa Harana to eat parang mas bet ko yung Harana since malapit na rin siya sa cloud 9. Buddha kasi maganda din pero mas malayo siya.

  • Hi Bea – Ganda ng blog mo! Very helpful! Just want to know kasama nba jan sa expenses nyo ung mga entrance fees ?

  • Hi Bea! Thanks for your very detailed itinerary. Which budget hostel or dorm yung mrecommend mo for 2 pax? And is it cheaper if mgbili kmi ng tour package at mgpbook dun mismo or mas mabuti yung advance booking? Will travel to Siargao on April 8-11. Hindi kasi sya weekend so I’m worried na walang mgooffer ng tours.

    And to anyone who’s traveling during the same dates, we’re interested to be joiners sa tours since 2 lang kmi. Please comment below if meron. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,

      You’re welcome!! If budget hostel you can try these ones – Kermit Surf Resort, Kawili Resort, Kokai Resort, La Luna Island Resort, Patrick’s on the Beach. Sakto lang sa budget yan. If you want cheaper tours mas okay na dun na kayo magbook and sa mga locals sana kasi mej mahal pag sa hostels. Malay mo rinmay maging friends pa kayo dun sa hostel niyo para maging joiners kayo. 🙂 No worries since maraming nagtotours dun even on weekdays. You can try yung local na nagtour sa amin. Kuya Loyding – 09056054600 🙂

  • Excited for the trip. Comment down guys for fellow joiners. 🙂

  • Hi Bea. Thank you for the great photos and post 🙂

    Can you suggest a tour for the group of 20pax?
    Their choices is:
    1. Enchanted river
    2. Bucas grande and sohoton caves
    3. Sugba lagoon
    4. Magpupungko rock pool

    What can you suggest in Day 1 (arrival afternoon around 2pm), Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 is free time.
    Hopefully I can received an email from you soon. It will help to me so much also for the group. Thank you and have a nice day. 🙂

  • Hi Bea,
    interested lang ako dun sa food. Pag namalengke ba kami for island hopping how much yung paluto fee? or may mga pwede na bang makainan sa sa sugba lagoon and dun sa 3 islands? (naked guyam etc.)
    THANKS 🙂

    • Hi Ella,

      Nung namalengke kami umabot kami halos 1k din for 6 pax. Paluto fee usually starts at 200-300 pesos sa pagkakaalala ko. Sa Island hopping namin, di na kami nakapamalengke nun, sa Daku Island na lang kami namili at nagpaluto. Inabot kaming 1500 lahat lahat sa food nun. Sa Sugba Lagoon naman, wala kang kakainan dun at wala rin nagluluto, dapat may dala ka talagang baon. 🙂

  • Hi, I’m planning to go to Siargao solo this monday March 12. Anybody who’s also planning to go I can go with. I’ll be coming from Butuan. Ciao

  • Hi Bea! your blog is so nice and informative. will be going to Siargao this coming March 29-30, back packers lang kami.. apat kami ng friends ko.. I’m just curios if okay lang kaya if magdala kami tent dun? I mean is it free or may bayad? and also san ba kayo sinundo ni kuya Loyding? wala kasi kami idea kung saan kami magsisimula ng tour eh. thanks 🙂 any way, nice idea yung collage ng pics mo po. God bless. And thank you.

    • I’m not quite sure if pwede ka na lang bigla maglagay ng tent near the beach since most ng nasa gilid ng beach ay beach resorts na. Never saw a tent nung andun ako. 🙂 Sinundo kami ni Loyding mismo sa port since galing kaming Surigao. Text him in advance if gusto niyo siya sumundo. Thank you for appreciating the blog.


  • Hi Bea! I love your itinerary. Our barkada is also planning a 4-day trip to Siargao this May. Would just like to ask if from Bucas Grande, you didn’t go back to Siargao anymore? Dinala niyo na ba lahat ng gamit papuntang Bucas Grande tapos dumeretso na agad for Butuan? Thanks.

    • Hi Gel, yep dinala na namin lahat then nagpahatid na kami sa Hayanggabon Port Surigao after ng Bucas Grande namin. 🙂 Thank youuu for your kind words. 🙂

  • Hello, Bea! Sobrang sakto nitong blog mo, we’re coming from Butuan airport din kasi. Dalawang batch kasi kami, 5:20 A.M kami then the other is 7:20 A.M. pa. May mga van ba sa airport na derecho sa Surigao Port? And yung sa Roro, madami bang papuntang Dapa? and hat time yung last trip to Dapa? Sorry ang dami kong queries ah, nalilito na kasi ako sa dami ng mga nababasa ko haha. Super thank you in advance! 🙂

    • Hi, yep from Butuan madaming FX sa labas ng airport na papunta Surigao. Kaya lang last roro to Dapa is 12 to 12:30PM. Basta lunch time since medyo malakas na yung alon ng hapon. 🙂

  • sis bea, do you think it’s possible to catch a ferry/boat from Surigao going to Sohoton ng 3pm onwards?
    Plan kasi namin since we will be coming from Butuan airport ng 12nn pa, and obviously, di na kami abot sa Siargao Ferry sa DAPA, mag Sohoton nalang kami muna.. Then from Sohoton, mag island hop kami going to Siargao on the following day.. I hope I make sense. hahaha!

    May kausap na kasi kami tourguide sa Siargao. un Tour nia is 3islands(Naked, DAKU and un isa pa plus Sohoton, Bucas for 1500 each). I am asking him if pede daanan kami sa Sohoton then pag uwi, sa Siargao na kami diretso. Not sure if feasible un gusto kong manyari. hahahah!

    • Di ako super sure pero more likely mas mataas ang chance na wala ng bangka to Sohoton din by 3pm kasi yung mismong Sohoton need mo magwait ng low tide (9am) para makapasok dun. Yung entrance kasi is parang cave so baka by 3pm high tide na ulit. And also di sa Surigao Port ang port to Sohoton, you have to travel 1 hour pa to Hayanggabon Port. 🙂

      Safest is stay na lang is to roam around Surigao na lang ng arrival date niyo, Enchanted River mga ganun. Then early morning go to Sohoton then pasundo kayo sa tourguide niyo to Siargao na. Or Siargao then Sohoton pauwi like nung ginawa namin. 🙂

      • Thanks sis for the reply! Nakapunta na kasi kami sa Enchated and others kasi.. may nagbasa ako blog na 3pm meron pa daw ferry from Hayangabon Port to Socorro/Bucas. un lang baka din rin kami abot kasi 12nn pa un ETA namin sa butuan. hehe! Orig plan ko kasi is mag overnight sa Club Tara or other resort dun, then morning saka kami mag island hopping going to Sohoton cove + 3 Siargao islands. Pede naman daw to sabi ni tourguide from Siargao. Un lang di nia ako sinasagot if makakaabot kami ng ferry sa Hayanggabon Port going to our resort. Kasi if di kami abot, sa Surigao nalang kami magpalipas ng gabi then mag ferry sa DAPA port nalang going to Siargao.
        Wish ko lang na sana mapaaga un flight namin same as yours para abot kami sa Siargao ferry para di kami nasayangan ng 1day. hehe!

        Thanks a lot for your blog! 🙂 Also ang ganda ng mga photos mo, effort un collage! haha!

  • hi Bea. May I ask if kaya ba ang 3islands (daku, guyam, naked) at sohoton in 1day tour?

    • 3 hours kasi ang biyahe from GL to Sohoton so balikan will take 6 hours. I don’t think kaya to and if ever man, madalian lang lahat. 🙂

  • Hi, same boat lang yung Bucas Grande tour and going to Hayanggabon Port? TIA

    • Same boat po yung nagdala sa amin from Siargao to Bucas Grande and Bucas Grande to Hayanggabon Port. 🙂 Pero yung Bucas Grande tour po, iba po siya, solely for tours lang sa area.

  • Hi bea! Ung tricycle ba from dapa port to accom is ung normal na tricycle sa manila or bigger type? Groupof 5 kasi kami and ung iba naming kasama is naka trolly bag, baka lang di kami magkasya. Hahaha.. Although may inooffer ung accom namin na van service which is 300 per head.. Thanks!!

  • Hi! Did you go to Sohoton cave? Nag provide ba si Kuya Loyding ng pump boat?



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