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My First Time Flying Experience with Jetstar Airways (to Tokyo!)

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 Hi friends, saw this Jetstar sale online! Are they good?

Does anyone tried Jetstar na? How’s your experience?

As I was eating my breakfast, I saw these tweets from my different friends on my twitter timeline. I knew that Jetstar has this seatsale promos (They’ve been bombarding me with promotion emails that took a lot of strength for me not to check because they’re cheap AF) but what surprised me more is that there still a question of familiarity regarding this lovely airline. I’ve tried it before on my Japan trip last 2016 and I still don’t know why (some or most) of people are still clueless about this airline.

So I tweeted back,

Go for it! It is a low-cost airline so don’t expect for an Emirates ammenities and service. But for a budget airline, they’re good.

Jetstar Airways


It was a January morning in 2016 when my mom told me that she saw a Japan seatsale the night before and booked it right away due to excitement. My sleepy brain took minutes to register all the information but once it did my eyes are sparkling with excitement. Who wouldn’t even? Japan, for free??

“Cebu Pacific?”,  My clueless as$ asked. Don’t blame me. That time I only knew one budget airline – Cebu Pacific.

“Jetstar Airways”

“Ano yun?” It was my first time hearing it.

My dad butted in saying that Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-cost airline and wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas. I didn’t question it more. I don’t know if its because I heard “Australian” or because I trusted my parents instincts. Either way, I’m going to Japan and I couldn’t care any less what airline it is.

Jetstar Airways


We arrived around 9PM in NAIA Terminal 1 which is also new to me. It felt like a different airport from my usual Terminal 3. It is quieter, less crowded and everyone seems fancy. How come a low cost airline is in a terminal with the other big flag carrier airlines?

Check-in was easy and somehow fast. And the strict 7kg hand carry reviews I’ve read online are true!! I have a backpack and a medium-sized shoulder bag and the ground attendant asked me to put it both on the weighing scale. There’s actually nothing wrong with their rules. I was just never used to it. Usually with other airlines, they’ll just weigh the backpacks and would never mind your lady purse.

We have a red-eye flight to Tokyo. It’s a 12:50 midnight departure time from Manila and around 6 AM arrival time to Tokyo. If you’re not a fan of flight schedules like this then maybe you can consider other airlines because this is their only direct flight schedule to Tokyo.

As for me (and my family), we don’t mind a ungodly hour flights as long as it is on time. Delayed flights sucks, of course, at any time given but it is the worst during past midnight flights. Imagine getting ready to sleep on the flight in an hour but turns out you have wait for another 2-3 hours on the gate’s cold metal chair. Good thing, Jetstar is on time! Or maybe because it’s a Japanese flight, uhhhm? You know how Japanese respect time.

While boarding the plane, I can vividly remember my first impression on it. THIS PLANE IS SO CLEAN AND WHITE. I’ve tried a multiple budget airlines in my travel life, cross my travel heart and hope to die, and I can surely say that Jetstar is the cleanest among them. I even wore skirt (I read an article about how a girl always wear pants and sweatshirt on her flights due to dirty plane seats) on my flight home.

Jetstar Airways

We searched for our row among the sleek black leather seats. I got the window seat, which I really prefer, but going inside, crossing the two seats, was a struggle due to the tight leg room. If you’re 5’4″ (like me) or above, it’s better to add some hundred pesos and purchase that emergency seats for leg room. But if you’re good in making some sleep anywhere (like me again lol), then it will be fine.

Most of the flight attendants (and passengers) are Japanese. They look extra friendly and checked thoroughly everything before take off.

After the take off, I dozed off.

Jetstar Airways

When we arrived to Narita Airport, everything went smoothly, from plane disembarking to immigration to the baggage carousel. We happily started our Japan trip.


Another good experience we had with Jetstar is when my sister bought a Taylor guitar in Tokyo and has to bring it home to Manila via checked-in baggage. At the check-in counter in Narita Airport, we requested the attendant to let us hand carry my sister’s guitar since it isn’t in a hard case. They won’t let us since it is over their hand carry 7kg limit (they’re very strict I told you!) and dimensions due to safety reasons. But they repeatedly ensure us that even though it is checked-in, they’ll handle it with care. They promised us that it won’t be tossed and be positioned safely on the plane’s luggage compartment. We had no other choice but to trust them.

And they didn’t break their promise. My sister’s guitar arrived safely and whole in Manila on a soft case. I told my sister that she’s lucky we are with Jetstar this trip. I can’t imagine what would other budget airlines would have done with our situation. Others might not even care.

Jetstar Airways

Better to check-in online to avoid this long lines in the check-in counters

After this flight, I signed up on Jetstar’s email promotions for their promos and seat sales because I would definitely fly with them again. Their Japan flights can go as low as 4,000 PHP roundtrip during sale. Their Singapore flights are also always in sale too! 

So if you’re reading this because you can’t decide if you’ll booked that Jetstar flight you saw, I’ll only tell you one thing, GO AHEAD! Book that flight. And share your experience in the comment section below!

P.S. This is my personal experience and I know that there’s no perfect airline. If you have your bad experiences, please let’s not promote hate rather share it kindly in my comment section below.

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