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Seoul Searching: My Love for Petite France

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The first time I saw this colorful houses in the Korean series My Love from Another Star (which you all have to see!), it’s an automatic check on my Korea Itinerary. Let’s also add the reasons that I adore Little Prince and I’m a frustrated French. I have this weird fascination to anything French so I’m really being bias if I love every corner of this place.

Petite France

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Petite France is just a bus ride away from Nami Island. You’ll be greeted by a small open amphitheater with the colorful houses as background. A miniature Eiffel Tower is present too. The place is not big enough and will only take almost an hour to see everything

2015-08-15 01.34.02 1

After all the walking and bus ride, we found ourselves wanting some snacks. Good thing is a restaurant and snack station is present in the place. We tried korean ice cream and waffles! Perfect for the needed sugar rush for roaming around.

2015-08-15 01.34.11 1

My parents are already tired of walking and decided not to join us on going up on various houses. This colorful houses are not merely just designs or backgrounds for your photos. Some of them are vintage shops, museums, cafes and some are just houses with furnitures where you can take photos.

2015-08-15 01.34.14 1

2015-08-15 01.34.09 1

Say hello to little Prince! He’s everywhere as well as my chubby face.

Petite France

Basically, the 3 of us just took photos (because that’s what we can only do) and started our ritual music video in every place we’ve been to. The place is not bad at all. If you are already in Nami Island, it wouldn’t hurt to stop by Petite France too.


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