Siargao: Naked, Daku & Guyam Island Hopping

siargao island hopping

Siargao: Naked, Daku & Guyam Island Hopping

If you think Siargao is the only island you’ve signed up for when you booked that Skyjet flight then let me tell you that IT IS NOT. Siargao Island has three beautiful neighbor islands – Naked, Daku and Guyam Island. These islands are all worth visiting since each of them has a different charm. Wanna know what they are? Good, because I’ll be sharing my experience.



You can read my previous blog post A Non-Surfer’s Travel Guide and DIY Itinerary to Siargao on how to go to Siargao.

But of course, the island hopping will only be possible if you rent a boat. We rented the whole boat for the three island for P1500. (Contact Kuya Loyding here 09056054600 if you’re interested)



We started at 9 AM and it’s already a little late for island hopping. Damn, that delicious breakfast in Shaka Siargao. We were picked up by Kuya Loyding in Shaka with his trike small enough for 6 people and were brought somewhere near the sea. We have to walk maybe around 10 meters to the boat but it is fine since the water is cold and clear.

See! There’s no shade here.

Everything is just sand and shades of blue.

It didn’t take us long, 30 minutes I think before we reached our first island. Standing on our boat, I can already see the end of this 200 meters island. AND. IT. IS. NAKED. No trees. No huts. No shade. Nothing. Just a million sands, cute sandbar at the other side and around 10 tourists. If you’re afraid of the sun. Sorry, girl, but this island is not for you.

And this is the mini sandbar. And look, you can see Daku Island too.

I know you wanna ask if there are people going naked here. Well, YES THERE ARE. Did I saw one? I just saw a topless (she’s covering her boobs with her arms though) foreigner posing for a photo. And I think that is one thing that makes this island interesting. Those brave souls who dared to go full or half naked. You’ll just be on an island named Naked once so why not live by its name? So are you daring enough?

SIARGAO Daku Island


Since we’re late, we decided to visit Daku Island next and have lunch there. Yep, Daku Island offers fresh seafood for lunch for the hungry island hoppers. They have large squids and fishes that are shockingly cheap compared to Manila. And the people on this island are so nice that they sell it at the same price in Siargao’s public market. I’m not good with fresh foods and I’ll forever remember how the ates and kuyas around helped me genuinely, teaching me how to tell if its still fresh and introducing me to new shells. (which I forgot but it is the one in the photo below)

SIARGAO Daku Island
All of these foods cost us P1500 all in (with paluto and rice).

SIARGAO Daku Island
Nipa huts you can rent.

Siargao Daku Island
I’ve had enough of waves for a year. #QuotaNa #BalibagEverywhere

Daku Island is the biggest island among the three and also the crowded one (but not Boracay crowded). Maybe it’s because of the comfort it offers – food, nipa huts, hammocks- that people decided to stay here longer. I personally enjoyed the hammock, just swinging under the palm trees away from the Metro stress. Oh, the joy!



It’s already 2 PM when we arrived on our last island. We spent a solid 3.5 hours in Daku Island swimming and chilling around. I was in love with Daku until I saw this. I’m sorry Daku but Guyam caught my heart instantly. It’s a unique island, with all the beautifully bend palm trees and the lovely rock formation around it. It sounds like most of the island in the Philippines but this one is really gorgeous in ways that I can’t describe. It’s the palm trees I swear! haha!



Maybe it is also because we almost have the island to ourselves since I think everyone is putting Daku as their last one. I was also amazed how the island has this little grass where you can lie down and do yoga (real or for photos man). One thing we didn’t miss is to climb up a coconut tree. The locals are teaching us but seriously the struggle is real. It’s harder than it looks.

Before we leave, we met a lovely married couple (wife is Filipina and husband is German) here that turned out to be new friends. They were so nice to even lend us their DJI Mavic. I’m not a fan of drone because of it’s bulky and really inconvenient when you travel and Mavic is none of that. You can watch my video below to see my first ever drone experience.


You can watch this video I made to see how in 3D everything I wrote here and how the waves ate me alive.

Siargao Philippines

Heading to Siargao soon?

Click the image on the left for a detailed island travel guide that will help you more.

Or have been to these islands already?

We can share tips, experience and guides in the comment section below!

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