Vivaldi Ski World

First Time Ski Experience in Vivaldi Ski World, South Korea with Klook (+ Nami Island)


Going on a Korean winter sonata? We all dream of that full gear winter ootd whilst walking on snow under the leaveless trees of Nami Island or maybe in a cute ski outfit riding an open lift so that we can ski down on a mountain of snow. After all, snow is something that we, tropical girls, don’t experience often or at all.

So why don’t we make that korean winter dream true, shall we?

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Vivaldi Ski World

Booking A ski tour with Klook

Before our travel, I already knew that I’ll be booking a ski tour with Klook to save me from commuting my travel group of 15 to the ski park and I also found out that it will be cheaper than doing it DIY. There are numerours ski tours in Klook, you can choose what will suit you well. I was torn with these two:

It would be fairly good to allot a whole day to the ski park but considering my parents, uncles and aunties I’ll be with, a whole day might bore them. Also, we only have 4 whole days in Seoul, so the second tour choice would help up save time in visiting Nami Island as well. So we end up, getting Nami Island plus Vivaldi Ski World. We didn’t get Petite France because if we did, we can only avail the Vivaldi Ski World sightseeing and not be able to experience ski. We are here for the ski in the first place!

Also what I love with Ktourstory with Klook, they have different packages you can choose from. This is perfect especially if you are in a big group with different interest.

  • The parents (you know the 50s and above haha) purchased the Nami Island + Vivaldi Ski World Sightseeing Tour (P2,508) so instead of waiting for us millenials to finish skiing, they’ll be toured in the ski park – with a cable car ride and snow experience.
  • While one group of the millenials (including me!) availed the Nami Island + Vivaldi Park Ski World Tour  (P3,070). It’s easier and cheaper so I went with that. We also availed the unlimited ski-lift ticket for P870.
  • While the other group got the Nami Island + Vivaldi Park Snowboard World Tour (P3,689). Same with the ski tour, you can also avail the unlimited ski-lift ticket for P870.

Both ski and snowboard tours has inclusive of ski/snowboard equipment (clothes, goggles, gloves, boots and boards) and a one-hour basic lesson.

Vivaldi Ski World

A photo from my mom enjoying their ski park tour.

Now, if you’re thinking of doing it on your own, I researched it also before. Vivaldi Ski World has a free shuttle (from Hongdae, Myeongdong and Seoul) for foreigners BUT you have to reserved online for a spot. In the Vivaldi Ski World, a whole day equipment rental would costs 36,000KRW (1,600PHP) and 76,000KRW (3,250PHP) for the lift. And this fee doesn’t even include ski/snowboard lesson, you’ll have to pay around P10,000 for a 2 hr lesson for 5 people. You can see their fees here. As I told you, Klook is a better and hassle-free option.

A Sidetrip to Nami Island

We were picked up in the Hongik Station at 7AM in the morning. They only waited for 30 minutes so try not to practice your Filipino time here. Our guide asked for our names and Klook confirmation email before he let us in the bus. We picked our other busmates in Myeondong and Seoul Station before we headed to Nami Island.

It was already past 9AM when we arrived to Nami Island. It was only a one hour bus ride from Seoul Station. Our guide ushered us out of the bus and gathered us all in one place to tell us everything about Nami Island and some tips on what to do in the island whilst the other guide is distributing tickets. They didn’t accompany us and just told us that we must be back in the bus at 11:30AM. I knew from the start that two hours won’t be enough.

Vivaldi Ski Park

Our tour guide educating us everything about Nami Island

We took the ferry after all the instructions were given. It was colder in this region than Seoul that we all stayed inside the ferry because the cold wind is unbearable. The ice has already melted at first week of March but the trees are still leaveless and the cloudy skies still look winter in photos. I’ve been here before in spring but again was awed by its winter beauty.

We took a lot of photos and tried to roam the whole area. We even lost each other on some time. We only bought some snacks on the stores around because two hours isn’t enough to enjoy the island and get dak galbi lunch. I’ll be back on an autumn season (my dream!!) someday with a more relaxed trip.

Nami Island Vivaldi Ski Park

Nami Island Vivaldi Ski Park
Nami Island Vivaldi Ski Park

Nami Island Vivaldi Ski Park
Nami Island Vivaldi Ski Park

Nami Island Vivaldi Ski ParkNami Island Vivaldi Ski Park

Now, it’s time for some ski in Vivaldi Ski World

We left Nami Island at 12nn and went to our next stop-over – the Ski Clothes Rental Shop. So everyone who avails the ski or snowboard tour was asked to go down the bus. The rental shop is clean but they already have a ski clothes available for you depending on your size. We didn’t get the chance to pick the designs that’s why we had the most conspicuous ones. The ski clothes and gloves smell good and they helped us on wearing it.

Vivaldi Ski World

I got the glow in the dark stars. HAHAH!

After the rental shop, we headed to Vivaldi Ski World which is only 30 minutes away. Our tour guide helped us on renting ski boots, ski equipment and even a locker (500KRW) to store our bags. He taught us how to wear our boots and walk with them! It was not easy at first, I told you. Especially when he led us already in the snow!! I’m quite sure I’ll slip anytime.

But I survived until we were on the training area (on the foot of beginner’s slope). Our tour guides are also the ones who’ll be teaching us. The group is again divided into the skiers and the snowboarders. Our ski teacher/guide taught us the basics, like the proper posture, how to go forward and backward, how to stop and the most important of all – what to do if you lose control.

As usual, I struggle with anything physical and Paul, of course, is excelling on it. We finished our lesson after an hour and he told us that have two hours to play in the beginner’s slope only. We reunited with the snowboarders (who are having a really hard time!!) and hopped to the ski lift to bring us to the top of the beginner’s slope.

Vivaldi Ski World

Vivaldi Ski World

Us, on top of the beginner’s slope

The ski lift is enjoyable but going down the lift is a different topic. When you reach the end on the top of the slope, you have to jump and slide your way. I always end up rolling down the snow because balance is not my strong feature.

Vivaldi Ski World

Enjoying our ski lift.

Going down the beginner’s slope for the first time is hard, I fell million times, accidentally and purposely (because I’m losing control). Let’s add the fact that I have a fear of speed, unwanted fear when things get fast. Paul, on the other hand, was a pro on this. He was able to learned it fast and I’m thankful for him being patient and helping me.

We were able to go down after maybe almost an hour. We tried again to make the most of what we paid. I’m a slow learner in terms of physical activity but after the second and third round in the slope, I was getting more confident with it.

Vivaldi Ski World

Vivaldi Ski World

Here are my tita tips for the first time skiers

  • Even though it is optional, purchase the ski lift ticket. Skiing in the foot of the slope is not that exciting and it’s a little hard to climb up a snow slope. If you can already spend thousands of pesos for a ski experience, why not get the most of it?
  • You’ll be falling a lot, butt or hips first. If you have health issues with your hips or knees, think again before purchasing.
  •  3.5 hours in the ski park is not enough. If you have enough time in your trip, make this trip to Vivaldi Ski World a whole day.
  • Bring a pain killer ointment like Omega or Katinko, you’ll definitely feel sore after.
  • Listen to your guide’s instructions and lessons. Skiing can lead to accidents if you’re not responsible and accountable enough.
  • And don’t try the other slopes – aside from the beginner’s despite that you think you’re good at skiing. The other slopes are steep for the first-timers.

We left Vivaldi Ski World at around 5PM and arrived at Seoul at around 6:30PM already. We headed to the first samgyupsal store that we saw in Hongdae because we were starving since we didn’t eat a decent meal the whole day! Well, atleast for Paul and I since we didn’t make time to get some.

So, is this Klook tour worth it?

YES! If like us, you only have 4 whole days SoKor trip then this fast-paced tour is just the right for you. You’ll be able to checked off two destinations that are outside Seoul in just a day. With it price of almost 4,000 pesos, I can say that I didn’t regret spending that amount for a once in a lifetime activity (esp. for us tropical children). Atleast, I can say that I had a full korean winter experience by trying ski. As I also said, this klook tour is already cheaper than doing it on your own.

My one tip for you is to allot time for food. The guides will tell you what time you must be in the assembly place so try to allot 30 minutes before the agreed time to buy yourself some food. Or you can just packed some in your bag in case you really wanted to max out the time with the activities.

Have you tried skiing or snowboarding before? If you did or maybe planning to, let’s talk in the comment section below.

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  • Hi Bea! Your blog has been very helpful! Thanks for the tips. I’m planning to do the Nami + Vivladi trip with my family next week. You mentioned that you took different packages since you’re a big group with different interests. Did you have to book the klook tour separately? Did you also take different buses? We are planning to split up to two groups. Would appreciate your reply. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Cora,

      Yes, we availed different packages in Vivaldi Ski World but I didn’t book it separately. One booking lang na iba iba packages. We’re all in the same buses too. We just separate ways in the ski resort in accordance with our preferred packages (ski, snowboard, sightseeing) 🙂


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