An Unfit Girl’s Guide to Masungi Georeserve in Tanay, Rizal

Hey Girl! You’re here because you’ll soon be going to Masungi Georeserve in Tanay Rizal BUT the thing is that you can’t even remember when did you last exercise or did a simple cardio. Yep, I’ve been there, done that. We unfit girls love planning our death for the sake of our travels.

Kidding aside…

I didn’t die, just almost, in fact, I survived this adventure and wanted to share this survival guide with you, my fellow lazy unfit girl!

a girl going down the stairs in the entrance of masungi georeserve
I’m maybe weak but my Instagram game is strong!

a board with welcome to masungi


According to their website, “The Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area and a rustic rock garden tucked in the rainforests of Rizal. Masungi’s name is derived from the word “masungki” which translates to “spiked” – an apt description for the sprawling limestone landscape found within. In this sanctuary, guests will be able to commune with nature and reenergize themselves while doing so. Wander through our pathways for an encounter with wildlife and plant species.”

a couple before they start the masungi georeserve adventure
TIP#1: Bring your boyfriend (if you have one). He’ll wait for you when you stop due to exhaustion, drag you, catch you if you fall from the climbing and, if he’s strong enough, you can ask him to carry you.

a group on "AJA" pose before the start of masungi georeserve adventure
But also bring your unfit girlfriends too. The more the merrier. Sama sama sa hirap mga babygirls.


Before you can proceed on the discovery trail, orientation is a must from their park ranger. She’ll ask you about your reasons for going and expectations from Masungi. (Clue: Closer to Nature. Closer to God) She’ll also explain the rules and the do’s and dont’s on how to survive the trail so listen carefully. The most important thing you need to remember is to never wander away from your group and park ranger.

TIP#3: Go do your restroom business before the trail. There will be no restrooms around so go empty that bladder. Bonus points, they have a pretty comfort room.

people listening to the park ranger orientation before the masungi georeserve trail

the colorful helmets in masungi georeserve
TIP#4: Don’t be maarte. Wear your helmet. So in case you’ll slip or fall, there will be 50-50 chance you’ll live.

bees and flowers in masungi georeserve
Tip#5: Relax and focus on nature instead. Enjoy your view. Nakakawala ng pagod ang ganda. ~~

Masungi Georeserve is actually unfit-friendly. You don’t have to walk in the soil/mud, slip and climb while holding a branch for your dear life because the trail is already cemented. There are also arranged flat rocks you can step in and even have stairs for climbing. You just need to bring a lot of cardio, as in lots of it.


The first obstacle is to climb a lambat maybe around 15 feet. Since you still have 100% of your energy saved up, this will be an easy breezy thing even you’ve never exercised in your entire life. Just be extra careful in the top part because you really need to carry your whole weight to be able to stand on the edge. The view is nice up there though.

a girl climbing a lambat in masungi georeserve
TIP#6: It is easier (for me) to climb on the left side because your shoes keep getting stuck on the smaller knots on the right side. It’s best to be in the middle.

three people in the forest of masungi georeserve
TIP#7: After lambat, ready your legs because you’ll start climbing up. Don’t worry, there are dramatic spots along the way so ready your camera too!


At the top of the first mountain is the sapot, designed like a spider web overlooking Laguna de Bay. This is one of the famous areas of Masungi Georeserve. Below are limestones you can explore too if you want.

There’s a narrow (good for 1 person only) lane you need to cross to be able to go in the middle. The sapot is made of thick metal wires but it swings a little!!! I can’t cross it standing up because I tend to lose my balance. My balance skill is below the minimum. So I END UP CRAWLING.

people on masungi georeserve sapot
TIP#8: If you think, you can’t cross it walking, then crawl on it as well. Mas okay ng walang poise at least safe! 🙂

a girl on top of sapot in masungi georeserve

a hanging bridge in masungi georeserve
TIP#9: If you’re afraid of heights, it’s time to hold somebody’s hand when crossing this suspended bridge. My boyfriend grabbed my whole arm here. HAHA

You will be given 15 to 20 minutes to enjoy sapot then it’s time to climb down. You have to cross the suspended bridge above. It is freaking high so if you’re afraid of heights, I advise you not to look down. When you’re extra lucky, you’ll see birds flying around.

some hiking in masungi georeserve
From the suspended bridge, we have to hike down so prepare for a lot of this.

rest stops in masungi georeserve
But there will be also a lot of rest stops. So use it well.


The patak is the next area after sapot. You can actually rest here because it has chairs inside. You can also try using binoculars too for bird watching. I failed to see a single interesting thing though.

TIP#10: Regain your strength here because the trail will start to be harder.

patak with a mountain view in masungi georeserve
The mountain above is where the sapot is. You just conquered one mountain girl! Congrats!

a couple on their back with masungi georeserve backpacks in a suspended bridge
Survived part 1!! Energy level: 70%

patak rest stop and bird watching place in masungi georeserve
It’s like a water droplet, right?


This, for me, is the hardest one in the trail. From patak, you have to climb up the net to ditse (means the second daughter in Chinese). Ditse is just a small mountain so it gets overcrowded on top. It is very much open so one wrong move can bring you flying to heaven. So imagine the nine of us staying close together in the middle of the summit. The scary part is the climb down to duyan. Imagine yourself sitting on the edge of ditse and one wrong step can, I don’t know, I don’t even want to know what will happen if you fell. Channel your brave soul here!

climbing up Ditse mountain
The climb up!!

our travel group on top of ditse in masungi georeserve
At Ditse’s summit. The one in our back is where you will climb down to duyan.

the view on top of ditse in masungi georeserve
The duyan from ditse. Can you imagine how high it is? Then the high peak there is Tatay.

climbing down Ditse summit to the duyan
TIP#11: You can climb down with someone together. The net is wide enough for two.

floral couple shoes
From this point, we climbed down together. #TeamFloralShoes


Duyan (hammock) is suspended between Ditse and Tatay. It is high enough that you can see birds flying below if you look down. It is not scary at all, even Paul who is afraid of heights enjoyed it. Maybe because the view will drive out all the fear. It is so green and beautiful, a manifestation the there really is a Creator. So far this is my favorite area and I think you will too. TIP#12: Say a simple Thank you to God for the beauty you’ve seen.

a girl holding on strings in duyan masungi georeserve
Slowly but surely. My foot keeps getting stuck on the knots.

a group in duyan of masungi georeserve
One of the kind experience.


After duyan, you’ll explore the cave discovered by one of the park rangers of Masungi Georeserve and you guess it right, the ranger’s name is Reuben. It is dark inside so bring out your phones for some light source. In the middle of the cave is a water fountain that catches the rain. The temperature inside is cool and you can go wash your face with the cold water in the fountain. It’s so fresh!

yungib ni reuben in masungi georeserve


Tatay (Father) is the tallest among all the peaks in Masungi Georeserve. It is a long way up to the top and this is where my whole legs are close to giving up. Fatigue will start to make its way to you. We have to stop most of the time for some sugar rush and boiled egg. I don’t even have photos anymore because I’m so tired to even click my camera. (#OALang) TIP#13: Bring chocolates or an energy bar or anything that will give you energy. You badly needed it in your trek to the peak.

a girl siting on top of stairs tirede in masungi georeserve
Energy Level: 10%

But the view from above is priceless! It is an endless green and mountain. There’s something fulfilling seeing your body overcome something you never thought you could.


On our way to Nanay (Mother), I’m quite sure I’m just dragging my legs to move forward, one after another. Unlike Tatay, Nanay offers so many rocks where you can sit and even hammocks! True to her name, this peak will offer you rest before you end the trail. Even in nature, mothers are nurturing and loving.

our travel group afar from a bridge in Nanay in masungi georeserve
Mandatory shots for Masungi Georeserve survivors!

a girl in the hammock for rest stops in masungi georeserve
Energy level: up by 20% HAHA

Nanay is the last stop for the trail. And it’s time to climb down to liwasan for your complimentary food – which is sandwiches and juice.

liwasan in masungi georeserve
The food offered: Sandwich with tuna spread, Iced tea & banana

My last tip will be to Believe in your body and in yourself! I’ve done and survived it. So, girl, no doubt you will too! If you are up for the #SaveMasungi challenge, here’s a travel guide on how.


stones with Masungi and flower art

How to Experience Masungi Georeserve

  1. Form a group of 7 to 14 people, no more no less. Please stop asking if pwedeng 6.
  2. Book for your chosen date and time here. If you wanted to go on a weekend, reserve at least 5 months before. I’m not kidding!
  3. Wait for Masungi Georeserve’s confirmation e-mail within 7 days of booking. If you chose a bank deposit as your mode of payment, the bank details are included in the e-mail.
  4. You have 7 days to deposit the 50% down payment to secure your reservation. If not paid within 7 days, the dates will be available for booking again. E-mailed them with the deposit slip. Keep the hard copy of the deposit slip!! The Discovery trail is P1,400 but I heard they’re increasing their prices by January 2017. Be updated on their prices and process by visiting Masungi Georeserve Website.
  5. All remaining balance needs to be paid 4 days before your visit. You may add additional people as long as your group is not exceeding 14 persons. Send the deposit slip too via e-mail.
  6. On the day of your visit, arrive one hour earlier than your time slot.

How to Go to Masungi Georeserve

via driving: You can Waze, Masungi Georeserve, or Kilometer 47. Just follow/stay on the Marcos Hi-way Road/ Marikina-Infanta Road. You have to pass by Masinag, Cogeo then Tanay.
via commute: Commuting is not really advisable. There are no jeepneys passing by.

What’s included in the Conservation Fee

  1. Local Park Ranger Guide
  2. Light Complimentary Meal after the trail
  3. Helmets and light bags that needed to be returned after
  4. Raincoat when raining

a girl between orange flowers in masungi georeserve

Things you Need to Know

  • Bring your own water tumbler and trail foods. You’ll need this.
  • Wear comfortable hiking attire and closed shoes.
  • Review and respect the policies of Masungi Georeserve.
  • There are no food places around Masungi so better eat your breakfast/lunch in Antipolo.
  • Pack light. Bring the things you just need in the trail.
  • There’s a no-tipping policy but we tipped our ranger anyway.
  • Be a responsible traveler person. Don’t pick flowers. Don’t throw your candy wrappers around.
  • If you are coming from somewhere far like the Laguna and Bulacan, I advise you to book a resort in Tanay already. Don’t worry they’re affordable!

Ia group of people in a giant hammock over a forest in Masungi Georeserve Tanay Rizal



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  • This looks like a lot of fun, Bea! I’m from Rizal but I haven’t been here yet (the reason will be apparent in the next sentence, lol). Were there a lot of birds? I am terrified of birds which is why I also turn down invites to visit the Georeserve. Haha.

    • oww, another Rizal blogger!! #TeamRizal On my visit, maybe I saw around 3 lang and they’re like so far. There’s not much naman so go try it!

  • I wanted to try this when we went to Manila but hindi na kasya sa schedule namin since we were there for 3 days lang! And medyo nakakatakot sya tingnan kasi walang harness compared dun sa recently tried Rope Course Adventure namin! Hahaha. But I’m pretty sure it’s really worth it kahit medyo expensive sya! Hehe.

    xo, Wandering Ella

    • Nagpanic din ako nung baba kami ng bundok ng walang harness!! haha! But good thing I survived naman. There’s so much to do in Manila talaga. 3 days is not enough, same with me going to Cebu. But I saw na you went to Pilillia Windmill. It’s near there!

  • Congratulations for making it! I have never been there but I have been hearing and seeing so much of this Masungi Georeserve. This is really a must to visit I think when someone loves to travel around the Philippines. My boyfriend and I love to travel too. However, he does not love hiking much. Although I know that he can do this, he is always afraid of me being in danger. I would love to try Masungi Georeserve even I have fear of heights. I’d always love to see views from the top.

  • I feel ya, I am looking at my reflection right now and wondering “who this person is”– totally out of shape. I have never seen anything like this before. I have climbed quite a few mountains but never while completing an obstacle course. lol. It looks terrifying and I’m not even afraid of heights, but that net thing over the peaks –I could never get my hubby up there. It took me a minute to realize where this was (second photo says Philippines) so I assume that’s where this is.

  • I love such adventure activities, though I must admit I don’t have the courage to do all of them. The ropes do look sturdy and strong and with encouragement from friends this should be doable. 🙂

  • Pwede bang 15? Haha joke. Nakooo my friends and I are planning to go here as well kaso grabe nga daw talaga ka-advanced ang reservation! Feeling ko maiinjure ako dito kaya mageexercise ako ng bongga before the schedule haha
    How long was the entire hike? And uhm, feeling ko magiinarte ako sa helmets kasi used na sya diba, does it stink? XS

    • It is really nice to do this with friends. Yung everyone is enjoying at first until everyone is quiet na kasi pagod na. haha! Unting jogging lang siguro then you’re good to go! We started at 12:30 and we ended around 5:30. Dame kasi naming pictorial moments haha! And yes the helmets ugggh. I have to wear a cap before the helmet kasi yes used na siya.

  • Enjoy basahin mga article mo girl especially this one, ang cute nkflowery shoes din si bf mo, hehe, tapos ang humorous pa ng writing mo. I love your way of writing. Very real lng 🙂 now im considering to do this when we go home kasi i never tried, somehthing like this, we never, tamad kasi kmi sa pmphealthy :p you make it look easy kahit nklgay energy level mo is 10% na, helpful tips. Considering this reserve in the near future, thanks for sharing your experience, tips and detailed things we should know 🙂 nobela tong comment ko sori :p

    • We used to be like that – tamad couple. We just love eating and touring. Until, I saw my friends conquering mountains and kung ano ano pang physical adventures. We wanted to try all! haha! Thank you for enjoying my writing. I wanted to write it as personal as possible since madami ng travvel guide to Masungi. I hope you try it soon when you go home! 🙂 Your nobela comments are always welcome J!

  • So this was the place where I’ve seen those pictures of Duyan and the Spider Web. It’s beautiful!! I’m not good for this one took since I’ve been a couch potato for years! But will definitely try to visit this someday. 🙂 Those are very beautiful photos, and I love the captions! Haha!

    • Duyan and Sapot are really famous. It’s manageable for couch potato girls. But some get sick the day after so it still depends on your stamina level. I think you should try! Thank you Loi

  • Awesome adventure, I want to try it the next time I visit the Philippines but I have kids so maybe when they are older nalang 🙂 You’re a great story teller I also felt losing energy as the story progressed 🙂 The pictures from above are well worth it though. Really enjoyed this post. Keep it up!

  • OMG! Ang ganda talaga dyan. But I heard mahirap ang reservation fully book na tlaga until end of 2016. 🙂 Hope to visit that someday.

  • A very picturesque place! Gusto ko din matry dito kaso medj namamahalan lang ako, but I guess it’s worth it naman kaya pwede na. 🙂

    • It is expensive. On its first months, 1000 lang yung entrance. On 2017, they cost 1,700 pesos already! Phew. But it’s one of a kind experience so I think it’s still worth it.

  • I really want to go here! My friends have been planning but we can’t end up with a schedule because our schedules are always conflicting. Also, Masungi’s schedule is always booked! Maybe I’ll just wait until the hype goes down. Hehe. Hopefully soon, we’ll visit this! 🙂

    And thankfully, even the unfit ones can go! Haha I can’t even remember my last yoga session. I stopped, because I’m not near the metro anymore. 🙁 And I haven’t had any decent exercise, no, not even stretching. I’m so bad. Hahaha

  • The rates are rising up to 200% ata, I read it somewhere but I’m not sure. I can’t wait to experience Masungi Georeserve. Not on my list of priorities though, but in time hahaha. Maybe when the hype’s almost over 🙂

    XX, Nikaia

  • It seems fun and scary at the same time! Would want to try this out. Hopefully, soon 🙂

  • OMG! I really want to go there. I heard it’s hard to reserve for a visit there. Beautiful place!

  • Woah. Looks like a complete adventure. And if you’re calling yourself unfit then considering my weight, strength and level of fitness, I better beware if I approach something like this. I did do much smaller rope course with my 5 year old kid sometime back. It wasn’t this adventurous, but was slightly difficult. My kiddo loved and and along with him, he made me do that activity for 5 times in a row….

  • Thanks for the tips! Nice photos too! well I do want to ask, since you experience it already, would you think its okay to bring a dslr? given the activities you experience in the trail? 🙂
    Hope to hear from you Thanks!

    Keep Wandering!

    • Hi Kamil! I bought my Fujifilm mirrorless with me on the trail and somehow it’s okay naman since the trail is cemented na. So you won’t be worrying slippery and muddy path. It will depend on your endurance na lang since DSLR is heavy and the trail is long and really tiring. As in todo sa cardio. haha! If you’re fit enough for the extra weight then bring it! 🙂


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