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6 Reasons Why You Need to See Lambana of Tipsy Tales in Eastwood Mall, QC

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Tipsy Tales is not your typical horror house where you just run around and close your eyes when it’s getting too scary. It’s not all scary make-ups and scary back drops. It has a story where you’ll felt like you’re a part of it and for me, that is a lot scarier. Tucked in in the 4F of Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City is the newest immersive theater that will sure bring you to the world of Lambana.

But first, what is Lambana?

Lambana is a word derived from the “diwatas” (pixies) in the Philippines mythology. But in Tipsy Tales, it is the dark mystical world of mystical creatures in our Philippine folkore like the nuno sa punso, kapre, and sirena. You got to explore and experience it first hand for 75 minutes (or forever hehehe) what is was like to be a human in Lambana. Do they like humans? Or do they despise them? You’ll find out!

Tipsy Tales

1. You get to choose THE EXPERIENCE IN 3 WAYS – Child friendly, regular or scary.

I’m a scaredy cat and I avoid anything that is scary like haunted houses and horror movies. That’s why I’m lowkey happy when the receptionist told us that our show will be child-friendly since there will be a child on our timeslot. We can opt to change our timeslot to the next schedule if we wanted the regular or scary experience. Of course, I declined. I’m a child at heart as well, I’m sure I can’t handle anything the adult can.

You can also choose to have it in either Filipino or English. Of course, Filipino is a lot better but if you’re with expats or foreigner friends, then no worries on bringing them here.


Tipsy Tales

With Lola Mila

As we (me, boyfriend Paul, and a family of 3 – Shane, Ray and their kid Soy) enter the world of Lambana, we were greeted by Lola Mila and she greeted all of us on our first names! She plays to be our grandmother and typically asked us about work and life. Shane even has her diploma printed on a frame in the cabinet. She was surprised how they got it. I know it is easy with the technology today but still the sense of connection between the audience and actors is established.

The creatures are scary at first that I was yelling when I had my first encounters with them. There’s this one creature that I was so scared that I told him “There’s a no touching policy. You can’t touch me.” And he freakingly answered me back “Are you sure about that?”, as he moved close almost only an inch away from my face. My heart felt like sinking from my chest. Whatever you say, they’ll answer back. And whatever they asked, you’re obliged to answer.

There’s also a time that lola told me a secret that I can’t tell anyone and this secret has lead our group to some dangers in the story. My decision to tell it or not will change the storyline and it was really a weight on my shoulder. We are not just mere audience here waiting to be scared, the actors made us feel that we are the protaganists in the story.

3. You’ll definitely meet new friends

Tipsy Tales

Our group (L-R: Paul, me, Soy, Shane and Ray) with the actors.

On the first part of story, I was separated from Paul and partnered with Ray. Shane, Ray’s wife, was also surprised with what happened because we never expected to be apart from our partners. My fear just went double after that because who the f*ck would I cling into when everything is so scary already? It was awkward at first because we don’t know each other but as the story goes by, Ray and I started to talk and bond (and me giving him a little dragging whenever it’s scary, I’m so sorry). My boyfriend Paul also got to bond with Shane and Soy.

Even though we are seperated from each other, there came a point that we’re reunited with everyone and we have to work together to solve some mysteries. There’s a little breakout manila too that will make you interact with your group.

After the experience, we were talking about our feelings regarding it that you’ll mistakenly thought that we were group of friends who went originally together. We didn’t even talked in the waiting area before it all started. The friendship happened inside which I, honestly, didn’t expect.

4. EACH ROOM IS A Multi-sensory space.

tipsy tales

All the rooms are not just physical rooms. The rooms are not design scary or gruesome but what’s different with it is that it will play with all your senses, and slowly build the fear or sometimes, comfort then fear right after. There’s this one room where you’ll hear thunders that is in sync with the flickering lights that you know will eventually lead to black out but you don’t know when. There’s also one room where you can feel and smell like you’re in the depth of the Earth. Even you sense of taste will be tested because there are rooms where you’ll need to choose if you’ll eat what the creatures offer.

All their rooms are beautifully and creatively designed. That sometimes, you’ll be amazed by it. (But let me warn you, don’t let these room put your guard down.)


Tipsy Tales

If you’re into theaterical plays, you’ll appreciate the actors of Tipsy Tales. I’m hands down to their acting talents, facial expressions and witty comebacks to your remarks. There comes a point that I don’t know who to trust anymore because they’re all good with their roles. I still can’t believe the plot twist of the story and somehow felt bad because I trusted the wrong creature.


Aside from the adventure Tipsy Tales promised you, they’ll also give you additional knowledge about our own folklore or mythology. I was amazed on how many things about our folkore that I still didn’t know. There’s also one point where I asked a “fairy” if she is “Cassiopeia” (the one in Encatandia, don’t judge I’m a fan) and she told me some facts about Cassiopeia.

It is a nice adventure for kids to learn more about our folkore and for the adults to still learn while being entertained.


Tipsy Tales
Tipsy Tales
Tipsy Tales
Tipsy Tales

Here are the things you need to know:

  1. This Christmas holiday (Nov 15 – Dec 30, 2019), tickets are priced at P1,199. But their regular price are: P2,000 (regular ticket);  P1,700 (students); & P1,500 (seniors & PWDs). The shows are daily at 1:00PM, 2:30PM, 4:00PM, 5:30PM, 7:00PM and 8:30PM.
  2. Please come 15 minutes before your allotted timeslot for you still need to fill up a waiver and listen to an orientation before heading inside the Lambana.
  3. No bags and phones (and any gadget) are allowed inside. There’s a locker where you can store your things.
  4. Each show will only entertain up to 15 people. It was a good date experience for us but I think it is more enjoyable with your big group of friends, colleagues, even families. I can already imagine how noisier and extra fun it is.
  5. You can book through their email or their Facebook Tipsy Tales. They also accept walk-ins as long as there are still slots available.

tipsy Tales

tipsy Tales


For me it’s a yes! It was a unique and fun date night for us. This is something new. At first, I only thought it will be just like those other typical horror houses but it was not. It was so much more. I love their little surprises like coming out of nowhere and seperating us from each other. My boyfriend even told me that he got seperated from his group and he was all alone with the kapre. And, of course, what differs it from those horror houses, is their lovely storyline, plot twists and great actors. I honestly wanted to try it again because I’m so eager to know what will be the ending if I choose the other choice. (I’m sorry I don’t want to spoil anything).

I know that the regular ticket of P2,000 is a little steep that why I adviced you to already try it now until they still have promos.


Have you experience Tipsy Tales? Or wanted to try it soon? Let’s talk in the comment section below!

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