Rustic Morning Marikina

Rustic Mornings, Marikina: Brunching in a Garden


Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is one of the famous and best all-day breakfast or brunch place in the whole Metro Manila. That’s why even there’s a lot of breakfast places as well in Rizal, we drive to Marikina to finally give it a try. We have always planned to have a breakfast date here but we only got the chance this month. Thank you for all the holidays, August!

Rustic Mornings Marikina


Paul and I met in Robinson’s Metroeast on a holiday Monday morning. It was drizzling and 10AM seems like a little late for breakfast already. We drove along San Roque, Marikina following Waze. We’ve been a few times in San Roque for it houses a lot of food places in Marikina but this one is somehow in the hidden side of the municipality. We passed by the shoe museum where I did have my fieldtrip back in my elementary days not knowing that Rustic Mornings is a few feet from the museum.

They have a huge sign outside but we thought that it’s closed since the green gates are closed. Turns out they’re operating and the guards just want to keep the gates closed. The parking is almost full that we have to double park against another one.

Rustic Mornings


A waiter greeted us as we enter and asked us if we wanted to sit in the garden outside or in the house inside. The house is jampacked with families so we settle on the garden. It just drizzled and more romantic anyway. The waiter gave us a beautiful spot with a roof and seashell curtains. I mean the table and chairs and decors are the typical garden ones but together they look so rustic and lovely. The waiter opened the fan, gave us the menus and asked us to ring the call bell if we have decided.

Rustic Mornings

Our private table

We took our time in picking what to order because they do have a lot in their menu and everything looks good. But we did settle for a pasta and a breakfast platter. We used our waiting time to explore more of the place. Including ours, there are 3 private tables with roof and curtains. Those are my favorite spots. There’s also this huge open area with roof that caters large groups because of the long tables inside. There are paintings in one side, rustic bottles hanging above the tables and cabinets of trinkets. Beside it is an open garden with few garden tables which is my least fave spot.

Rustic Mornings Marikina

One of my favorite spot aside from ours.

Rustic Mornings Marikina

The big garden area good for big groups.

Rustic Mornings Marikina

This spot is only good for coffee dates.

Rustic Mornings Marikina

My least favorite spot


Rustic Mornings Marikina

We got a breakfast platter #26, pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausege (P320) and Sardines and Sweet Sundried Tomato Pasta (P330). Their food is as good as it looks like plus the generous serving. The breakfast platter has two of everything and can I just say how good their pancakes are. The pancakes are their own original and I was so tempted to buy their pancake mix sachet (P170). The bacon is in the crunchy side, omelet is normal but the sausege and pasta are heaven.

They have a lot of breakfast meals to choose from: Filipino specials, Pancakes, Toasts and Omelets, American breakfast, and smoothie bowls. But they also cater rice bowls, pastas and pizzas in case you wanted something aside from your breakfast meal.

The House

Rustic Mornings Marikina

We finished around 1:30 PM already and the crowd has already subside. The parking lot is almost empty. But before we go, I wanted to peak what the in house dining looked like. The house is empty when I got in and I was greeted but all the blue and white China porcelains. I’m not a fan of it but everything looks so calming and homey.


100% YES!! I don’t know if this is the tita inside that is talking but I love the place. Maybe when I was younger, I would definitely find this place ordinary (and hella expensive). But now, I appreciate how quiet, laid back and a borderline of romantic it is. I love the rustic and homey vibes it got and the good food and generous serving. This place somehow made me felt I’m doing something great in my adult life that I’m so chill and getting some brunch.

It is pricey, yes, but it is worth paying for the ambiance and food. I would definitely come back.


Rustic Mornings Marikina

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina City
M-F 8am–4pm; Sa-Su 8am-9pm
For full menu, click here
Walk-ins are welcome!
For events and reservations, contact:
(02) 425-8610; (02) 681-2461; +63 917-700-5810

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